TV programme on Cheetahs

  tigertop2 09:38 12 Feb 2009

I wonder if anyone else saw the programme on Channel 5 on Tuesday,10th Feb at 8pm . It told the story of Olivier Houlet who raised 5 cheetahs in Namibia and eventually prepared them for release to the wild, Amazing programme with great camera work. Can't remember the cats' names but 2 were called Lindt and Cadburys - why I don't know. Houlet had a great understanding of their habits and used only his personal authority to prevent them from seeing him as prey

At one stage Cadbury, Lindt and the other 3 had him cornered with his back to a sheer drop. My wife then suggested that if they forced him over the edge that would be 'death by chocolate'!!

I missed the next 5 minutes through choking on laughter.

  birdface 14:20 12 Feb 2009

Brilliant program.Amazing to watch but I must admit I do not think that he would have got much older if he had kept them.
I will deffinatley watch it again if it comes back on.

  dagbladet 15:34 12 Feb 2009

"I missed the next 5 minutes through choking on laughter"


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