TV Abuse info Ad

  Switcher 17:03 29 Nov 2008

I find the recent public info film of the girl being slapped very upsetting. I have to mute the TV as soon as it appears. I think that it should be taken off the air. Anyone else feel that way

  Forum Editor 17:09 29 Nov 2008

being abused as a child is pretty upsetting, I imagine, and the ad is designed to raise our awareness of the problem. The fact that you're upset by it is an indication that it's effective.

It certainly shouldn't be taken off air because you find it slightly distressing; you can always pretend it's not there by turning it down or off, as you evidently do.

  Switcher 17:19 29 Nov 2008

My concern is how children will react to it.
In my experience children empathise greatly with other children in distress for any reason and if they see this repeatedly on TV it could affect them.

  Forum Editor 17:35 29 Nov 2008

It would surprise me if that was the case. I would tend to agree with you about its possible effect on young children.

  Switcher 18:05 29 Nov 2008

I don't know if it is screened before the watershed but then again how many parents bother how long their children stay up late watching TV.

  Pineman100 18:54 29 Nov 2008

"how many parents bother how long their children stay up late watching TV."

Frankly, parents who allow young children to stay up after the watershed are being irresponsible, in my view.

The material shown on TV at that time should not be "edited" with that possibility in mind. It's up to the parents to ensure that their children do not see unsuitable material.

  ronalddonald 21:18 29 Nov 2008

got rid of the TV because of the garbage shown on TV, TV companies have moral Duty to its consumers (especially children of all ages) and as such should do more in being more responsible which they are not.

  Switcher 21:45 29 Nov 2008

Of course parents who allow their children to stay up watching TV at that time are irresponsible. However this is neither a Utopian society nor a Victorian puritan one, we have to cater for life as it is not how we would like it to be. Don't cater for children just because their irresponsible parents should not allow them to up at that time. What's the next stop don't stop for them on zebra crossings after 9pm because their irresponsible parents should not allow them out at that time. Noticed earlier that it appeared at 2 mins past 9pm on CH5 don't know if it is on earlier. As for the effect on me it is a bit like how the guy on Clockwork Orange must have felt being subjected to repeated pictures of violence. By the way realise now it is a Barnado thing.

  DANZIG 22:24 29 Nov 2008

I think it is VERY effective.

I have no kids and, in my opinion, led a pretty good life (so far, I'm 35).

I'm not squeaky clean, but this ad' makes me think!

  tullie 22:52 29 Nov 2008

Its not the tv companies that have a moral respopsibility to children,its the parents.

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:31 30 Nov 2008

Parents are responsible for their own children and need to act accordingly, not rely on others to bring up their children properly while they lazily blame everyone else for not looking after them.

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