turn your electrics off if you go out - new danger

  sunny staines 15:53 05 Mar 2008

now if your were out when this happened and you box was on standby your house may have burnt down as a result of a power surge and cheap Chinese electronics

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  Devil Fish 16:09 05 Mar 2008

a power surge can affect any kind off electronics attatched to the mains which is why it is a good idea to employ surge protectors on pc tv and audio equipment regardless of where it was manufactured

  sunny staines 16:20 05 Mar 2008

very true, i have my pc set up and tv set protected by them.

  namtas 16:39 05 Mar 2008

Interesting comment from NEDL saying the problem had been out of their control and the families would have to claim on their insurance. What happened to the legislation that required that the power supply company used to by law maintain the power with limits of +- 5% of the nominal voltage.

  DieSse 17:31 05 Mar 2008

"What happened to the legislation that required that the power supply company used to by law maintain the power with limits of +- 5% of the nominal voltage."

There are circumstances where the power supply company has no control

Shorting out overhead cables (I've seen that a few times in Spain, by construction machinery).

Power coming on after a power surge is often unbalanced across the phases - resulting in voltage surges for several seconds.

There are devices that will hold mains power off for up to 30 seconds after a power failure, thus giving voltages time to stabilise.

  ulrich 19:30 05 Mar 2008

It is so simple turn it off. I do, I also have a surge protector. For me it is nothing new, I have heard of televisions catching fire when on stand by for years, so I do not trust anything, plus of course it saves energy. Perhaps we will here from someone who doesn't have time?

  laurie53 19:40 05 Mar 2008

If these are actually Digiboxes (Sky) as described and not Freeview boxes then they have to remain connected all the time, otherwise they have to go through a complete boot sequence very time you put the power back on.

  VCR97 19:55 05 Mar 2008

According to my supply company the limits are
230V + 10% -6%, 50Hz +/- 1%.

  jack 20:09 05 Mar 2008

Off standy also ,this can give rise to many problems

Many devices when totally disconnected lose all settings and have to go through a re tune sequence each time.
Some cheaper items do not have a power switch and so are live all the time.
So it will pay to consoder what you have and how it is connected to the main supply.

  lofty29 20:47 05 Mar 2008

My son is complete nightmare even when he and his family go away for a fortnights holiday everything is left switched on, even the electric blankets.

  DANZIG 22:14 05 Mar 2008

I leave everything switched on when me and the other half go away for a fortnight.



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