Turn it down Simon you'll wake the kids

  Dragon_Heart 04:13 11 Sep 2015

Apparently the Royal Family told Simon Cowell to turn down music from his Kensington Palace summer party in case it woke Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

click here bet a few residents within earshot of for example Donington Parks Rock Fest could say the same thing.

Yes these concerts bring in a great deal of outside money to the area for a short time but they also bring trouble and disruption.


  morddwyd 09:47 11 Sep 2015

If any family can afford a bit of soundproofing this one can.

I would also have thought that if any sensible parents were aware of a rock concert taking -place a few fields away they would arrange to spend the night away, perhaps at granddad's place in Gloucester.

Sounds to me a bit like another Daily Mirror mare's nest.

  spuds 10:17 11 Sep 2015

"click here bet a few residents within earshot of for example Donington Parks Rock Fest could say the same thing."

I remember those events well, including most of the other events held at Donington, and the Wheatcroft family, especially Tom Wheatcroft (a very nice gentleman).The 'extra duties' payment in the monthly pay packet was always an added bonus.

With all events of this type, you will always get those that complain and others who see it as a bonus for them and their families and possibly business's.

  Forum Editor 12:48 11 Sep 2015

Is this the kind of thing we're doomed to discuss now? Surely there's something more interesting than this going on somewhere.

  wee eddie 12:53 11 Sep 2015

FE: It's an alternative to 9/11 and 12/25!

  morddwyd 13:28 11 Sep 2015

There's always the price of tinned tomatoes!

  morddwyd 13:31 11 Sep 2015

And infinitely more interesting than Wayne Rooney!

  Forum Editor 15:19 11 Sep 2015

Anything (with the possible exception of T.Ts) would be infinitely more interesting than this.

  bumpkin 18:59 11 Sep 2015

No, but an amusing reply:-)

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