Turkeys to hold Xmas vote

  Quickbeam 10:48 06 Mar 2010

click here Have I read the headline right?

  Kevscar1 11:19 06 Mar 2010

Your link goes to

Iceland holds referendum on Icesave repayment plan

  jakimo 11:38 06 Mar 2010

Turkeys ? Xmas Vote ?

You should have gone to "Specsavers"

  Quickbeam 11:45 06 Mar 2010

Yes, I thought I'd read it right...

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:22 06 Mar 2010

So Icelandic tax payers don't think they should have to pay for the mistakes of an Icelandic bank, but it is OK for British and Dutch tax payers to pay for it.

  Forum Editor 12:34 06 Mar 2010

I invite you to give me one reason why an Icelandic taxpayer should vote to pay for the mistakes made by a bank that attracted foreign investments by offering preferential interest rates.

The only difference between the Iceland situation and ours is that the Iceland government elected to ask the country's citizens what they thought. I'll go right out on a limb here, and suggest that if our government had done the same you would have done what the Icelanders will undoubtedly do.

In any case, the vote isn't the deciding factor - there will be an inter-government deal. The Icelanders will pay up in the end.

  sunnystaines 14:30 06 Mar 2010

the carrot is EU membership

  morddwyd 19:03 06 Mar 2010

What twaddle.

Why should the Icelandic taxpayers pay up because some incompetent British LAs thought they saw a chance to make a quick buck?

  natdoor 20:06 06 Mar 2010

Sadly I have to agree that your view of the stupidity of most of our population is correct.

  spuds 23:22 06 Mar 2010

If the British public (HM Government)had refused to bail out the banks, then perhaps there wouldn't be some heavy bonus's being paid out, and some of the financial experts might have found pastures much greener, in their mass exodus ;o(

  OTT_B 00:04 07 Mar 2010

true, but that would have left a multitude of people without pensions which would have cost HM Government a lot more in the long run.

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