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Tunisian woman claimed to be expecting 12 children

  Stuartli 23:15 17 Aug 2009

Story in tomorrow's (Tuesday) Daily Mail about a Tunisian woman who has had IVF and is due to give birth shortly to no fewer than a dozen babies - six boys and six girls.

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Must be both an exciting and worrying time in hoping that all goes well.

Not much sleep for her or her husband for a few months it would seem.....

Good luck to both of them and the hope that all the babies will be fit and healthy.

  Stuartli 23:18 17 Aug 2009

In the case of the UK, one of those depressing tales that crop up from time to time:

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  Forum Editor 23:59 17 Aug 2009

and the hope that all the babies will be fit and healthy."

They will not. As clearly pointed out in the article, there is less than a one in 100 chance of any of these babies surviving.

  Stuartli 08:55 18 Aug 2009

Yes, I do appreciate that the odds against survival are stated in the piece, but I've been an optimist throughout my life.

It's also an antidote to the belief of my other half (and that of her family) that the glass is never, never half full...

  Forum Editor 17:21 18 Aug 2009

or a miracle, and everything to do with fertility drugs. The babies have almost no chance of survival, regardless of how much praying and hoping goes on.

  Legolas 21:31 20 Aug 2009

I read a report in the Metro this morning that this woman is suffering from "psychological problems" and there is no evidences that she is pregnant at all never mind expecting 12 babies. click here
the link is not from Metro but is the same article I read therein

  Stuartli 10:57 23 Aug 2009

It's a fact that people who "take the bull by the horns" and act decisively fare better in life than those who hesitate, wondering whether they are doing the right thing, or keep putting things off that require action being taken.

  Armchair 11:45 23 Aug 2009

Shoplifters must be beloved in God's eyes, then.

  Armchair 14:21 23 Aug 2009

What did the people who survived the Nazi camps do to increase their chances of survival, then?

  Armchair 14:49 23 Aug 2009

I'd still be interested to know the answer, your qualms aside.

  Forum Editor 00:03 24 Aug 2009

or come through dreadful ordeals alive often attribute their personal survival to the intervention or teachings of some kind of divine being, and/or the power of prayer.

We don't hear from those who didn't survive, so there's no way of knowing whether they prayed just as hard or not. Religious people are prone to say that survivors were saved by God, and that if someone prayed but didn't survive it must have been God's will.

'Helping yourself' in this context has nothing whatever to do with God, and everything to do with a will to survive. Some are better equipped to help themselves than others, so it's a little misguided to say God helps those who help themselves. Think about it for a moment and you'll realise what a meaningless statement it is. That hasn't deterred generations of believers from saying it, however.

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