Tube Drivers to get £55,000 pa

  bremner 17:08 03 Oct 2011

An example of our broken society where a person who pushes a few levers and spends half his time on strike gets hugh recommence whilst nurses and soldiers receive by comparison a pitance. Tube drivers £55K

  Aitchbee 17:51 03 Oct 2011

While I was on holiday at the weekend in London, my friend Brian said that in Tokyo, they employ people with wide pushing boards to squeeze all the passengers into the subway trains.I wonder how much they get? Do Japanese subway passengers swear?

  morddwyd 17:59 03 Oct 2011

That's not a broken society, it's supply and demand.

They can get as many nurses and soldiers as they want at the wages they pay.

They can't get tube drivers so they have to pay them more.

  Aitchbee 18:34 03 Oct 2011

Transport and Nursing are as different as Rugby and Football... but we the 'Big Society' are aware of this....are we not?

  Quickbeam 18:47 03 Oct 2011

What's the major downside to driving a tube train if it's supply and demand that dictates the tube pay rates?

  sunnystaines 18:52 03 Oct 2011

driving a tube train why is it paid so much? is it a difficult job? any ex tube drivers able to comment? [i watched pelham 123 did not seem difficult but that was just a film lol]

  Aitchbee 19:07 03 Oct 2011

I reckon there is too much at stake. If, the tube drivers,were to decide to have a go slow, then,London would not be in a fit state to handle the traffic for the up-and-coming Olympics.That's why they were awarded the pay increase.

  Woolwell 19:25 03 Oct 2011

It's the RMT and Bob Crow!

  interzone55 19:42 03 Oct 2011

Does your job expose you to the constant threat of desperate people jumping in front (or being pushed) of you.

I would imagine it's a very stressful job.

I know one person who used to drive the metrolink trams in Manchester, he jacked it in and took a job driving a truck for 30% less money because the stress of driving a tram through the city centre with idiots wandering across the tracks was too much.

  john bunyan 20:15 03 Oct 2011

alan 14. "Does your job expose you to the constant threat of desperate people jumping in front (or being pushed) of you."

Compared to the risk of driving over an IED in Afghanistan, the risk is minimal. This salary does seem high, and I wonder if the recruiting is freely open to all.

  Aitchbee 20:23 03 Oct 2011

alan14 - would you like the threat of being punched or kicked for 'no good reason' and being paid about £8.50 an hour? that's what the auxiliarry nurses have to endure for a pittance wage every day.They are resposible for the most vulnerable members of our society.Some of those nurses would not mind a job-swap with the 'stressed out' drivers for half their pay.

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