Trying to locate a forum members past contribution

  spuds 10:56 13 Dec 2015

I am sure some forum member will have the answer to this question.

Some time ago, we had regular contributions from a forum member, who suffered intense (nerve) pain, that was eventually found to be a problem little known here in the UK, but the USA was well aware of this problem.

The forum member even appeared before a Parliamentary Select Committee, so as to highlight the lack of medical help or apparent knowledge of the subject, here in the UK.

So can any forum member direct me to this particular forum members contributions regarding the above. Apologies to the forum member involved, but I have forgotten who it was.

  Forum Editor 12:06 13 Dec 2015

For reasons I will not go into, it may not be appropriate to revive those posts, but you can get more information about the condition here.

I'm locking your thread now. I'm sure you'll understand.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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