Trying To Find A home

  Crosstrainer2 07:12 15 Sep 2011

......For my Toshiba Satellite pro. Many suggestions such as Colleges etc. But due to good old Health and Safety, they are not allowed to accept electrical products.

I will be purchasing a Macbook Air shortly, but it seems ridiculous that I can't pass this on to an institution that would be sorely in need of such kit.

I am going to try the independent music school up the road today....I have a feeling they will be less concerned about these regulations.

  spuds 09:11 15 Sep 2011

Local charity who may want to use it themselves perhaps?.

Senior citizens club, who might have a member wanting to become a silver surfer?.

Looking at our local council's recycling depot, there appears to be a weekly supply of redundant IT equipment seeking a new home!.

  Crosstrainer2 09:19 15 Sep 2011


Same rules apply....If they don't pay a qualified person to check out the kit, they can't take it. Now here is a thought..I AM a qualified person.....Wonder if I'm allowed to sign off my own kit?

  Crosstrainer2 09:59 15 Sep 2011

forum member

I read it, I screamed....The daft thing is it's nearly new...I can't use it anymore, even if I wanted to, its simply too heavy on a tray when propped up in bed.

Seems you can't even be benevolent these day's.

  Woolwell 10:51 15 Sep 2011

This charity does not do home collection but may be worthwhile contacting Computers for Charities

  Woolwell 10:53 15 Sep 2011

Or how about this list it for charities

  spuds 11:59 15 Sep 2011


Being qualified can lead to all types of problems, especially if a computer is not 'working' to the users expectations. Why pay £60.00 per hour when someone might do it for free on an everlasting contract(:o)).

But having said that, our local horse charity was seeking some computer equipment the other month, and they were well rewarded and happy on the donations given. We were offered some large wooden empty electrical cable drums, that a company was having problems with disposal. They made nice jump bar supports, and field spacers, plus visitor picnic tables. All were eagerly accepted and appreciated, and for free for further use. Now that's recycling and invention for you!.

Other smaller charities in the area have now requested similar donations for self use, due to fund raising declining.

  Crosstrainer2 12:02 15 Sep 2011


£60.00 An hour?

I want a someone to benefit from a high spec machine. Well looked after, CoreI7 ...Ity just seems that H&S prevent those who need from having.

BTW checked out my certs.

Gotta pay to do that too


  interzone55 15:05 15 Sep 2011


It's not H&S that prevent those that need from having, it's jobsworths who are totally unable to take risks and make a decision...

  hastelloy 15:29 15 Sep 2011

PAT is not a legal requirement see HSE1 and HSE2.

There are some organisations which will take old equipment and test and refurbish as needed before selling it on at a low price. Locally we have Environ, Complete Wasters and 1 or 2 others.

  birdface 17:32 15 Sep 2011

No kids about that are helpfull to you or someone you know that would like one but cannot afford to buy one.

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