Like to try out IE7 beta?

  TOPCAT® 11:35 13 Dec 2005

But you don't have another computer? Here's instructions on how to do it without 'upsetting' IE 6. TC.

click here

  Totally-braindead 13:04 13 Dec 2005

Interesting TOPCAT® but wouldn't recommend running a beta version of any program in case something does go wrong. For those of you that don't know what a Beta program is, that is people new to the Forum, a Beta program is something that has been created and is available for evalution but has not been fully tested therefore it is likely that there will be some problems that will occur.

Not trying to spike your wheels or anything TOPCAT® but I was thinking about the newer members of the Forum seeing this and maybe trying it and getting into a mess.

  anskyber 14:16 13 Dec 2005

I could not agree more with Totally-braindead but nearly all of us must recommend MS Antispyware and that is still in Beta.

  TOPCAT® 17:58 13 Dec 2005

experienced and knowledgeable computer user that fancied a look at IE7 beta. However, should the FE agree with your comments, then I'd be obliged if he removes the thread forthwith. ;o) TC.

  Totally-braindead 18:13 13 Dec 2005

I appologise for any offense I inadvertantly gave TOPCAT® it was just its seems to me there are many new members on the Forum recently and wished them to realise what Beta versions are and the risks involved. I appreciate that what you said was intended for more experienced members of the Forum I was not intending to offend but wished to point out that new Forum members probably shouldn't try it and should wait till its past its testing phase. Once again appologies if I caused any offence and personally I can't see any reason to delete the post.

  GaT7 18:46 13 Dec 2005

That's an interesting hack - if I may call it that!

TOPCAT, have you been brave or adventurous enough to try it yourself?

From the posts left (lower down in the link), it would appear a minimum of WinXP SP2 is required - so take note.

Always wise to include an appropriate warning with these kinds of posts. G

  TOPCAT® 18:49 13 Dec 2005

There's nothing whatsoever offensive to me in your post so apologies are unnecessary. :o)

I confess I totally forgot about the newer, possibly less skilled computer users and leave it in the hands of the FE to remove this if he so wishes.

Regards, TC.

  amonra 20:19 13 Dec 2005

What are the supposed "advantages" or other reasons for going to IE 7 ? Anything useful ?

  GaT7 20:22 13 Dec 2005

amonra click here.

TOPCAT, have you tried it? G

  GaT7 20:26 13 Dec 2005

More info click here & click here. G

  TOPCAT® 20:28 13 Dec 2005

No - I'm still getting used to WinXP !! :o)) Only had it a few weeks you know. TC.

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