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  bumpkin 22:07 25 Oct 2014

click here the sort of thing I would do even if the cash machine was out of order.


  carver 09:28 26 Oct 2014

bumpkin several words spring to mind to describe this sort of person but they will only get deleted.

  QuizMan 09:55 26 Oct 2014

Probably the result from poor parenting and bad teaching.

No, probably not and said with tongue in cheek, but you have to wonder sometimes what moral and common sense training people get in their upbringing.

I hope that they catch the individual; it will be interesting to learn the thought process that led to such a reckless course of action. What are the chances of drink or drugs (or both) being involved?

  bumpkin 10:34 26 Oct 2014

Edit to my OP. I meant The sort of thing I would not do and not as I typed, the sort of thing I would do. Serious difference there, my mistake:-)

  bumpkin 13:10 26 Oct 2014

Setting fire to the petrol station was bad enough in itself but he then ran off without paying to add insult to injury. (No injuries fortunately but what kind of nutcase does that and why)

  QuizMan 13:17 26 Oct 2014

bumpkin your post reminded me that I haven't checked the Darwin Awards list lately.

  bumpkin 15:34 26 Oct 2014

QuizMan, never heard of it before, some amusing stuff there thanks for the link.

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