Try to be really honest

  Forum Editor 23:29 20 Feb 2011

both with yourself, and with me, and tell me how important the internet is in your life on a scale of 1 to 10.

1 being 'not at all important, I wouldn't miss it in the slightest if I had to give it up'

5 being 'I wouldn't really mind one way or the other.

and 10 being 'Life just wouldn't be the same without it'

There's nothing earth-shatteringly important behind this, I'm just interested. The usual privacy assurance applies - I won't tell another living soul what you say.

I'll give you my own honest answer now: 8 I would find it very difficult to earn my living without internet access, and would prefer not to have to try.

  lotvic 01:20 22 Feb 2011

10, as obviously life would not be the same without it. I found I missed it when was without for a few weeks after moving house. I couldn't just go and look up info and it made life a tad inconvenient in lots of ways.

  Diemmess 10:13 22 Feb 2011

9, because there's always hope, and man's ability to adapt.

A sample of personal and only effect was the loss of my telephone line for 8 days after a large farm vehicle swept away the pole connecting wire.

An international loss of telecommunications would now be catastrophic....

  carver 10:27 22 Feb 2011

Has to be an 8 for me, I could get by with out it but it would be a big inconvenience.

10 years ago I would have given it a 2 but it's now just an extra I would rather not do with out, some things you take for granted and this is one of them, talk to my daughter and she would give it a 10 because she has grown up with it and it is now a very big part of her life and she can spend hours using the net to talk to her friends in Australia.

When I was her age I couldn't have ever thought that some thing like that would be "normal".

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