Try to be really honest

  Forum Editor 23:29 20 Feb 2011

both with yourself, and with me, and tell me how important the internet is in your life on a scale of 1 to 10.

1 being 'not at all important, I wouldn't miss it in the slightest if I had to give it up'

5 being 'I wouldn't really mind one way or the other.

and 10 being 'Life just wouldn't be the same without it'

There's nothing earth-shatteringly important behind this, I'm just interested. The usual privacy assurance applies - I won't tell another living soul what you say.

I'll give you my own honest answer now: 8 I would find it very difficult to earn my living without internet access, and would prefer not to have to try.

  acein1 18:00 21 Feb 2011

its a big 10 from me, i cant imagine life without it, maby i should get out more

  SB23 18:24 21 Feb 2011

I would be a 10 easily.
I know this as I've just done a straight 10 days at work, no days off, and didn't have time in the evenings to go on my pc, and I've really missed it, hadn't realised how sad I had become!

  Legolas 19:08 21 Feb 2011

I think it's got to be a ten. Can't imagine life without it now.

  Legolas 19:12 21 Feb 2011

Just looked more carefully at the other responses and ten seems to be very common quite surprised at that

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 21 Feb 2011

I'm not really addicted to it I can stop anytime I like.


  rickf 20:59 21 Feb 2011

8 definitely

  Dragon_Heart 21:53 21 Feb 2011

The FE's comments made me think .... it can be considered to be an addiction.

It can damage your health and relationships ( like being a golf widow )but I sometime wonder, like when we go to McD's with our son and see all the adults crouched over their net-books hooking up to the free Wi-Fi.

Is this another form of adult 'comfort blanket' ?

  Dragon_Heart 21:58 21 Feb 2011

Cybersex Addiction – compulsive use of Internet pornography, adult chat rooms, or adult fantasy role-play sites impacting negatively on real-life intimate relationships.

Cyber-Relationship Addiction – addiction to social networking, chat rooms and messaging to the point where virtual, online friends become more important than real-life relationships with family and friends.

Net Compulsions – such as compulsive online gaming, gambling, stock trading, or compulsive use of online auction sites such as eBay, often resulting in financial and job-related problems.

Information Overload – compulsive web surfing or database searching, leading to lower work productivity and less social interaction with family and friends.

Computer Addiction – obsessive playing of off-line computer games, such as Solitaire or Minesweeper, or obsessive computer programming.

Taken from :- click here

  CurlyWhirly 22:13 21 Feb 2011

I'm afraid that it's a 10 for me.

Life wouldn't be worth living without the internet !

  Simsy 22:31 21 Feb 2011

If it didn't exist, (so no-one had it), well that would be a 1...
But if I just had to do withoutit, as it was still out there, available, I'd see it differently, so proabably a 6 or 7.



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