Try to be really honest

  Forum Editor 23:29 20 Feb 2011

both with yourself, and with me, and tell me how important the internet is in your life on a scale of 1 to 10.

1 being 'not at all important, I wouldn't miss it in the slightest if I had to give it up'

5 being 'I wouldn't really mind one way or the other.

and 10 being 'Life just wouldn't be the same without it'

There's nothing earth-shatteringly important behind this, I'm just interested. The usual privacy assurance applies - I won't tell another living soul what you say.

I'll give you my own honest answer now: 8 I would find it very difficult to earn my living without internet access, and would prefer not to have to try.

  beynac 11:34 21 Feb 2011

I'm happy to be without it on holiday, but normal, everyday life would be very difficult without it now.

So, I would say 9.

  JYPX 11:52 21 Feb 2011

Probably 9.
My Virgin broadband was down from Friday until yesterday and I am shocked at how much I missed it.
It felt a bit like not having running water. I needed to check some train times and reached for the keyboard.....When did I last do that by phone? It feels like it was 20 years ago.
Being online is now just part of the fabric of eveyday life. I feel like I need some kind of back-up service (dial-up on my Virgin landline?). Maybe this will influence the type of cellphone/portable device that I buy in the future.

  Condom 12:16 21 Feb 2011

I must be in the region of 8 or 9. As I live abroad for much of the year internet banking is my lifeblood. It is also a lifeline to BBC news as BBC 24 hours TV is a waste of space. When back home I can chat to all my far east friends for hours on end on Messenger at little cost compared to what I would have to pay for the telephone. My family all live in Australia so again I can keep it touch so much easier on the internet. Add in the shopping and of course the weeekly PC Adviser newsletter and maybe I should be a 10. Who'se counting anyway?

  Uboat 12:33 21 Feb 2011

Intresting Thread Peter! i suppose it depends on the situation in your life! some people use it to make friends & interact whilst others use it for Businesses, i personaly would give it a 9 for sure! but i know in the near future thats going to be a 10....

  amonra 14:12 21 Feb 2011

Very difficult to assess, it's like the doctors asking you to assess pain on a 1 to 10 scale.
In all honesty I think I must answer 8, I would REALLY miss it, especially when someone wants my help urgently.

  TopCat® 14:56 21 Feb 2011

anything less would be difficult to imagine now.

When I first went online with a dial-up modem connection, my enthusiasm was somewhat deminished by the constant 'drop-offs' and painfully slow speeds.

These inconveniences and others along the way did not break my resolve to stay with it, and I'm very pleased to affirm my gratitude to the industry and the people involved in it who brought the Internet to the masses.

I am a total and unashamed surfing convert with many virtual friends. TC. :o)

  hssutton 15:25 21 Feb 2011

It's a major part of my life. Retired with photography being my hobby and no photographic society in my neck of the woods, I'd be totally lost without the internet. Not to mention internet banking.

So I have to give a rather big 10

  john bunyan 16:11 21 Feb 2011

I enjoy it and would miss it but there was life before it and I like to think I could manage without it or a mobile phone, so I'll give it a 5

  Forum Editor 17:19 21 Feb 2011

that I'm probably not being as honest with myself as I asked you all to be. The more I think about it the more I'm sure that I am an out and out 10.

  Brumas 17:54 21 Feb 2011


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