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Is Trump the worst ever President?

  john bunyan 19:50 08 Jul 2020

It seems that “USA Today “ doesn’t approve of Trump.


Is it conceivable he could get re elected? How such a talented country could elect such a person is incredible. His niece has written a book that claims he cheated at school to get into University. When I watch him speaking I cannot believe he has a high IQ nor any grasp of his job or the English language. He ignores official briefings, and gets all his news from watching Fox News when he is not playing golf

  Al94 20:07 08 Jul 2020

Its far from being a talented country, in reality much of it is surprisingly backward and that is the element that supports Trump and probably in sufficient numbers to have him re elected under their collegiate system. Sincerely hope not though!

  Quickbeam 20:28 08 Jul 2020

Is the Pope a catholic!

  john bunyan 08:02 09 Jul 2020


You may well be right according to this

US poll predictions

Amazing and depressing

  Old Deuteronomy 09:53 09 Jul 2020

At the last US election the public vote came out in favour of Clinton, then the electoral college voted in Trump also, the predictions place a lot of weight on the early primaries and a lot has changed since then. I hope the prediction is wrong.

  Kevin59 08:35 20 Jul 2020

I see no reason to speculate on the coffee grounds for the future of another country. They choose what they consider to be the norm for themselves, that's all ..

  Forum Editor 08:50 20 Jul 2020

Politicians come and go, but the life of a nation goes on. Societies are driven by their economies, and economies are dependent on trade. People who run businesses are primarily interested in selling their products and services as Presidents and governments come and go, and they just adapt and get on with it.

America will do so. It is nation (like ours) with a history of achievement, and it is resilient. President Trump is a mere blip on the chart.

  alanrwood 09:29 20 Jul 2020

Unfortunately a pretty dangerous blip.

  rickf 09:51 20 Jul 2020

The man is not a politician. He is a gangster.

  wee eddie 10:19 20 Jul 2020

FE: However he is likely to leave a trail of damage, behind him, which could take years to sort.

Also the International loss of Trust in the USA, which may take a generation to heal

  Quickbeam 10:33 20 Jul 2020

He’s certainly more likely to leave a legacy that’s the opposite of make America great.

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