Trump uses insecure iPhone regardless

  john bunyan 20:16 27 Oct 2018

Trump criticised “Crooked Hillary” over insecure e mail . He persists in using an insecure iPhone in spite of being warned that the Russians and Chinese have probably hacked it What a hypocrite- LOCK HIM UP


  Quickbeam 20:32 27 Oct 2018

But it's probably all fake information that they're hacking into...

  rdave13 20:46 27 Oct 2018

Huffington - Verizon - Oath - AOL- Yahoo are not the top end of true journalism in my humble opinion john bunyan so although they report this you might want to find alternative information to corroborate their information.

  john bunyan 21:08 27 Oct 2018

The New York Times , NBC have also reported it, wit photos.Also others.


  john bunyan 21:12 27 Oct 2018

See also The Washington Post

Washington Post

  wee eddie 22:14 27 Oct 2018

Please, one of you wizards, hack Trump' s phone and tell us what he's wittering on about

  Quickbeam 05:27 28 Oct 2018

You just need to tap into his Twitter feed to see that there's nothing of great value

...or of minor value.

OK nothing at all!

  carver 11:30 28 Oct 2018

Sorry but this is a load of BS, especially since you quote the Washington Post, it's got so many stories incorrect that if you believe half of the articles it posts about Trump it's still crap.

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