Trump prepares to revert to the...

  Quickbeam 06:56 26 Jan 2017

inhumane treatment of prisoners.

Waterboard torture, overseas CIA prisons, & probably summary lynchings too to save on money that can be spent on his new wall instead. Oh, but Mexico are paying for that, yes?

God Bless America.

  Forum Editor 08:23 26 Jan 2017

"& probably summary lynchings too"

That's conjecture on your part - there is no evidence to support it.

As far as the other things are concerned, the use of waterboarding would result in a huge outcry of condemnation, and the ex-director of the CIA has publicly condemned Trumps remarks.

I think we need to understand that President Trump is under enormous pressure to meet the expectations of his supporters, so he will at least show signs of carrying out some of his 'first day' electioneering promises.

He needs the will of the American people to succeed however, and perhaps it will not be long before stark realities kick in. His Mexican wall promise would be a disaster in so many ways, even if it could be done - which I doubt.

  Quickbeam 08:31 26 Jan 2017

There is a saying that goes "when in a hole..."

  Quickbeam 08:32 26 Jan 2017

Surely the satire was obvious with the lynchings comment?

  Forum Editor 08:45 26 Jan 2017

"Surely the satire was obvious with the lynchings comment?"

You might think so, and I might agree but not everyone does. It's best to be circumspect where named individuals are concerned.

  Belatucadrus 09:28 26 Jan 2017

The other problem is that in the US lynching is something that happened in living memory, they now have an openly racist President who espouses official torture, defended televised violence by his supporters against anybody who protested against him and reckoned he could shoot somebody while on the campaign trail without loosing popularity.

In the UK there was a spike in race hate crime post Brexit, the US is currently a far more toxic heavily armed mix and I fear lynchings are far from impossible.

Maybe it’s time for Justin Trudeau to demand Trump builds a northern wall as well, at his own expense though. On second thoughts he’d need to fence off Alaska as well, only way to ensure Sarah Palin doesn’t escape so that's two walls.

Just to clarify the last paragraph is in jest, well sort of. Now I think about it maybe it's not such a bad idea after all.

  rickf 09:38 26 Jan 2017

"& probably summary lynchings too"

FE is being generous by taking a a more benign view. This man openly encouraged violence, " I would like to punch him in the face..." is but one of many examples. He is a total narcissist but very fragile underneath. This makes him a very very dangerous man. He has shown that he cannot contain his emotive impulses. He is a bully at heart and like all bullies he is a frightened child. A man who may well have a tendency to resort to violent outbursts/ acts when he has no words to counter an argument. Some one who would blatantly deny facts has a warped view of the life and the world and is totally deluded. The only thing that keeps him "sane" is his wealth. Without his wealth he would collapse into a heap. It is as if his wealth in carapace, an exo-skeleton that insulates him from his weaknesses and fragility.

  morddwyd 09:47 26 Jan 2017

Summary executions are normal throughout the world, including the UK, so why should the US be ant different?

  Quickbeam 10:26 26 Jan 2017

rickf Very Freudian that reply!

morddwyd Summary executions are not the norm in South Yorks! Maybe I need to travel more...

  rickf 10:55 26 Jan 2017

A man who in his position feeling that he has to defend the size of his penis to boost his manhood is an adolescent. We have got a rather immature and unformed child pretending to be a man as president of the most powerful nation in the world is frightening.

  Quickbeam 11:13 26 Jan 2017

I take it that you're non too impressed with him then!

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