Trump launches cruise missiles on Syria, war?

  rickf 09:31 07 Apr 2017

I think this is reckless and could lead to a wider conflict and possibly war. With his popularity waning and not being able to get his domestic policies approved this is a welcome distraction for him and his administration. I think it is an opportunistic act and damn dangerous proving he is trigger happy and an ego maniac. Would the UK be dragged into it, hope not.

  Al94 19:38 07 Apr 2017

UN = utterly useless. Trump called it right on this one. Maybe the ruskies were complicit click here

  Belatucadrus 19:50 07 Apr 2017

As long as Russia has the veto and continues to support Assad blindly the UN is a complete busted flush, they can't do a damned thing.

  bremner 21:06 07 Apr 2017

UN - absolutely has no worth or credibility. The sooner it is scrapped the better.

  LastChip 21:09 07 Apr 2017

morddwyd, several attempts have been made through the UN to stop this, but each time Russia has vetoed any resolutions. The UN have been powerless.

While I agree with you, unilateral action is (generally) to be avoided, in this case, I don't think there was a choice.

If you watched Question Time last night, a question about Syria was posed, and none of the politicians answered it. None of them had a clue what to do. Constant talking wile innocent people are being killed in a most barbaric way is outrageous, and they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

President Trump (in this case) showed leadership and decisive action. I don't believe it would be fair or reasonable to criticise him for that.

Someone needed to make a stand and in this case it was America. Good for them.

  Govan1x 21:34 07 Apr 2017

A very successful business man so I am led to believe. But I have to think his job as president is away above his head.

He acts like a spoiled child with a new toy.

Not saying what he did was right or wrong. Just think he is in the wrong job.

  bumpkin 22:01 07 Apr 2017

I agree with LastChip on this. Trump whether right or wrong did something rather than spouting hot air. Shoot first, ask questions later may not be our accepted way of doing things but if the point is made so be it.

  Devil Fish 22:08 07 Apr 2017

Quite agree Govan1x the man is certainly not stupid as his business empire proves, But not to sure politics his forte.However on this occasion he has made the right decision to send a message that use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated providing he keeps to that line and doesn't go gun ho,I don't think much will come of it apart from a bit of bluster from Syria's Allies

  Govan1x 23:53 07 Apr 2017

It may have been the wrong message if this is true.

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  Quickbeam 03:38 08 Apr 2017

In the simplest/crudest terms, the region is grossly uncivilised and if not checked will spill into the civilised world if we put our heads in the sand again.

It's a catch 22 damned if you do and damned if you don't. The UN as it is now is way better than no UN, but the likelihood of a reform to stop petulant superpowers using a veto to suit there own end is not going to happen. So yet again it's the USA that has to show murderous despots that their murderous methods against their own innocent people will be acted against.

We'll probably be drawn into it as it's the decent thing to do, as a major ally of America and one of the few European NATO members with the will and balls to do anything.

Personally I can't see the middle East being settled until a UN ground force is deployed and remains in place until a stable leadership is established. Nearly all of the Middle east instability problems have come about by withdrawing too early on financial grounds which in business terms has been a false economy.

  morddwyd 09:36 08 Apr 2017

UN - absolutely has no worth or credibility. The sooner it is scrapped the better.

Yeah, like the League of Nations, also ignored by America as I recall.

A really smart move.

Didn't somebody once say something about "Jaw, jaw........"?

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