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Trump has sent Google on a High Risk journey

  wee eddie 02:24 20 May 2019

By denying Huawei access to Android, I think that Donald Trump has put Google's dominance of the market in jeopardy.

Huawei is large enough to design it's own OS and, if it ships in all their phones, it will occupy a sufficiently large sector of the market to attract the App designers in hoards, especially if they make their financial terms more generous than those of Apple or Google.

It could hit Apple's Sales as well

  wee eddie 22:26 20 May 2019

My next question is: Could Huawai be the next Apple?

If their OS is sustainable, and they definitely make sufficient phones, will they be the next Power on the block?

  polymath 22:04 22 May 2019

Whatever the right thing is to do re Huawei, I'm just hoping Trump fails to be the next power on his block. The last thing the world needs is a jumpy US president, given the uneasy peace in the Japan Sea and so on.

  polymath 11:18 23 May 2019

Yes Keith, only too well! Though not in much detail, what with being in a haze of disbelief re the US. Plus the Westminster goings-on raising the prospect of Brits not currently living in the UK suddenly being from outside the EU, with all its implications e.g. for the Irish state pension I live on, because of something we had no vote in. (The disbelief is still going strong).

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