trump gets it wrong again.

  mrgrumpy 11:56 01 Jul 2019

Not only does Donald Trump go on twitter in the morning and then leave his staff to repair the damage , we now discover he does not even know how to address people.

You will now doubt have seen him meet Kim Jon Un over the weekend. He refered to him as president Kim , this was wrong.

He should have called him president Un , in the same way he should be called president Trump and not president Donald .

Tounge in cheek …… I wonder if he called the queen Mrs. Windsor when he came to London.

  john bunyan 12:12 01 Jul 2019

Wrong. Chinese and Korean names have family name at the front, brothers have the same middle name and the last name is the equivalent of our Christian name. I have Chinese friends - 2 brothers: Tan Kian Wi , Tan Kian Khong . I call them Ah Wi etc asI know them but Mr Tan otherwise

  mrgrumpy 12:36 01 Jul 2019

I stand corrected john I did not know that "slaps self in face"

  bremner 12:45 01 Jul 2019

Kim is not the President that is Choe Ryong Hae

Kim Jong Un Is Supreme Leader amongst his many other titles

  Belatucadrus 14:23 01 Jul 2019

Apparently he added a new title to his portfolio earlier this year :

‘supreme representative of all the Korean people’

Which may have come as a bit of a surprise to all Koreans below the 38th parallel as I get the impression they didn't get a say in it.

  oresome 20:22 01 Jul 2019

he does not even know how to address people.

I think he does know or has been told, but believes he's so powerful he can call them what he likes.

  Forum Editor 23:35 01 Jul 2019

It doesn't really matter what these people call each other, the important thing is that they appear to be starting a dialogue.

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