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Is Trump deliberately trying to cause trouble?

  john bunyan 17:58 06 Dec 2017

Trump is about to agree to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to East Jerusalem, and to more or less recognising it as the Israeli capital. This will enrage the Palistanians , cause huge diplomatic problems with Jordan and others.

Is there no end to this man’s dictatorial method of blindly making such huge decisions?

  wee eddie 23:46 06 Dec 2017

FE, luckily they heeded the advice given them.

I hope that I'm wrong

  john bunyan 09:57 07 Dec 2017

It seems Trump has more regard for opinions in the US Israeli lobby and his “!colony” - Israel than he has for his traditional allies , the Pope (!) , the UN etc. East Jerusalem appears to be de facto incorporated into Jerusalem whereas it has been regarded by the UN as a future capital of Palestine, if a 2 state solution is to be achieved. The integration of East Jerusalem is the most inflammatory issue here.


  iscanut 19:45 07 Dec 2017

Look at whats happened today in that part of the world... a new uprising on the cards ?

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