A true inspiration. Signsong by Jayne Fletcher.

  Blackhat 14:21 19 Oct 2013

Friday I attended the last night of the Deaf Explorers Festival at the Signing Tree Conference Centre, part of the Deaf Cultural centre in Birmingham. The centre is owned by Bid Services (Birmingham Institute for the Deaf) Where I now work in corporate sales for the conference centre.

The most outstanding performance of the night was Jayne Fletcher, a deaf performer who interoperates modern music through BSL (British sign language) for the deaf, bringing music into the lives of deaf people.

Thanks to my employers I am now level 2 BSL but my wife does not sign, she joined me for the evening and even began sign singing along during some chorus lines. You do not need to know sign language to appreciate Jayne’s passion for what she does.

Here is a link to a short documentary about her latest award.

See Hear Documentary

And a link to one of her performances I saw on the night.

Perfect by Pink

  Blackhat 14:25 19 Oct 2013

Got the first link wrong, it is the same as the second, try again.

See hear documentary

  Kevscar1 05:36 20 Oct 2013

How do they know if shes in tune or not

  Blackhat 10:09 20 Oct 2013


I do hope that you are joking, she does not actually sing her self. She interporates the emotions of the songs into sign for the deaf. Please watch the See Hear documentary for a full understanding of this womans work.

  chub_tor 10:38 20 Oct 2013

Blackhat - when I first saw that the See Hear Documentary was over 13 minutes long I thought that it would never hold my attention for that length of time but I was wrong. You are correct Jayne Fletcher is a true inspiration, she has fought and overcome a number of hurdles in her young life and now is able to pass her passion on to other generations. At the end of the clip the announcer was saying that she had been put forward for a National Award, did she win that too?

  Blackhat 11:03 20 Oct 2013


She was short listed to the final 5 out of 55,000 entries but didn't win in the end. Plenty of info on her facebook pages.

About Fletch web site

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