Trouble Buying

  It's Me 16:54 28 Jul 2004

Does anyone else have trouble with web sites that are not easy to follow. And from well known firms at that.
I have been testing the Iomega Automatic Backup software, and eventually decided that it was for me!
I therefore went to the web site to buy the Registration Key offered (I didn't need the actual software as I had that already). They have a very strange form filing process and a funny way with English which led me to do the wrong things, however I managed to get to the checkout and pay (1 and a bit hours it took), I was then fed a the download of the Reg Key which was obviously the whole programme, I tried to download it and got to 94% before it timed out, and then couldn't get back to that point. A received Email gave me a web address which didn't work either. However a phone no. a 020 purporting to be a local rate no. was provided, so I rang this and found a lady speaking at me in an odd accent, giving me the usual choices, anyway I eventually spoke to another lady who was speaking from Holland who explained that the key I wanted would come in a second Email within the next 24 hours, and, she did check, I'd have to await its arrival. She took on board my complaint that nothing that I had seen explained about the second Email, and that the site was difficult. I don't expect for one moment that she, or anyone else will do owt. Why are they so difficult I keep asking my self.
In amongst all this, I found that when I fired up Opera, instead of getting my usual 'Blank' page that I want and expect, I was looking at a colourful page of Yahoo stuff; now where the heck has that come from?

  Vastine 19:35 28 Jul 2004

I don't have the answer, but you have my sympathy.

I've been reading glowing reviews in PC Advisor about a 'desktop-replacement' notebook: the AJP D870P. Before ordering, I went to the AJP website where I found a wide descrepancy in the D8760P specification to that shown in PC Advisor's review of this particularly model. I contacted AJP by fax, explaining that I was a potential customer and that I was wondering which specification I would get were I to place a firm order with them for a D870P. That was three days ago. I'm still waiting to hear. Has anyone else ordered something they've seen well reviewed and found waht they got wasn't up to spec?

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