tropical fish websites

  polish 20:45 18 Aug 2011

can any please recommend a website so i can do some research iam getting back into fish keeping after about 13 years

  ams4127 21:10 18 Aug 2011

Just type your heading into Google and you will come up with loads of sites.

  sunnystaines 13:02 19 Aug 2011

try this lot they have a good name

  polish 16:33 19 Aug 2011

thanks sunnystaines cannot beat personal recomendation

  sunnystaines 17:07 19 Aug 2011


I used to enjoy tropical fish many years ago would like to stat again with a 3 or 4 foot tank but cannot get past the wife

  Condom 19:41 24 Aug 2011

The Mrs and I went to visit a Dr friend in Germany a few years ago and he had the most wonderful fish display I have ever seen and it almost covered a whole wall in his bedroom. I was completely mesmorised. He had salt water fish and a computer sysytem running it all as apparently it is more difficult than keeping the fresh water variety. When we retired later in the evening my wife just took one look at my expression and firmly said NO.

  polish 19:50 24 Aug 2011 i have purchased a aqua one 620 not massive but a nice size with filtration built into the one point i had two three foot fish tanks

  sunnystaines 20:57 24 Aug 2011


If your ever in UAE go to the "burj al arab" hotel on jumeirah beach section of dubai, as you go up the esculator to the rooms they have a built in reef tank in the wall which is out of this world.

  Condom 00:31 25 Aug 2011

sunnystaines I had completely forgotten about that probably because it is more what you expect to see in an hotel like that rather than in a normal but very posh house. The fountain in the lobby is also fantantic and I do have some photos if I knew how to post them.

  Belatucadrus 11:28 25 Aug 2011

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