Troops back by Christmas

  oresome 13:19 02 Oct 2007

A thousand troups back by Christmas.

Is an early election a certainty or am I an old cynic?

  Jak_1 13:28 02 Oct 2007


  tullie 13:42 02 Oct 2007


  Cymro. 16:04 02 Oct 2007

As they were sent there under false pretenses in the first place the sooner they all come home the better.

As for the making it an issue in an early election I wonder if it will make all that much difference as both the major parties agreed to back the Americans and send British troops out there.

I suppose the Lib. Dems. could make something out of it as they were the only once to be against the war from the start, and no I am not a Lib.Dem. supporter.

  J B 16:39 02 Oct 2007

I am a neutral in this debate but just heard on the news that this announcement sounded like a bit of spin. While the prime Minister announced that 1000 troops would be home by Christmas was a re-announcement. the break down goes something like this;
Original announcement a few months ago 500 troops coming home
When the Army left Basra for the airport there were surplus troops at the airport so todays announcement meant that a further 500 could be sent home hence a total of 1000.
Of that 1000 a little over 270 have already come home.
So in conclusion only about 700 or so more will come home by Christmas. Interesting. J.B.

  Cymro. 17:11 02 Oct 2007

Don`t you find it very difficult to be neutral on an issue where people are loosing their lives? I don`t care how much spin they put on it as long as they bring the troops home a.s.p.

  johndrew 17:39 02 Oct 2007

Sounds a lot like spin of sorts as reports were released recently that there was a shortage of troops in Afghanistan. Could easily be a case of back from Iraq and out to another conflict.

  Forum Editor 17:45 02 Oct 2007

I'm quite sure that the 'back by Christmas' plan had been made a long time ago.

  Marko797 17:55 02 Oct 2007

Maybe JB was just being cautious, as opposed to what u might be accusing him of, i.e. un-interested/not bothered. We are all deeply concerned about the deaths which unfortunately happen, & we all want to get our chaps back soonest. For the gvmt to use it as a 'spin' tool however is outrageous.

  J B 19:51 02 Oct 2007

On the contrary, I am very concerned about the troops no matter if they are British, American, or where ever they come from.

Let me say, that by my being neutral in this discussion is that often this type of discussion becomes political, and when I was in the military I learned very early on not to talk about Sex, Religion, and Politics. I was just trying to avoid any angry comments on the subject.

If I offended anyone I can truly say that I didn't set out to that. J.B.

  laurie53 20:47 02 Oct 2007

You mean home by Christmas like in 1914?

In a pig's ear!

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