Triple Lock - You heard it here first!

  morddwyd 10:25 22 Apr 2017
  Forum Editor 11:09 22 Apr 2017

Not too helpful to people who don't have a clue what you are talking about - perhaps you should expand and explain your 'heard it here first' angle?

Do you mean the rumours you reported a few months ago are confirmed as correct?

  wee eddie 12:12 22 Apr 2017

The Triple Lock is only important if inflation is low, once inflation exceeds 2.5% the Triple Lock becomes irrelevant

  morddwyd 12:15 22 Apr 2017

Yes, tthat vwas what the link referred too, aftter all!

I'm cyynical ennough to beellieve ir was a bit of kite flying.

  x123 16:08 22 Apr 2017

There is no way standard pensions can increase at this rate. Each year more and more will reach pension age and take a pension and the drain on the revenue will get worse and worse.

Those on the minimum pension, who qualify for pension credit, should be the ones who get the increase that matches other benefit increases.

Even the generous £200 fuel payment should only be paid to less fortunate pensioners.

  john bunyan 16:15 22 Apr 2017


I think it would be easier to add the winter fuel payment to the pension.Then those getting a total of more than £11,500 would have it taxed at 20, 40, or 45 % as appropriate. Administration would be easier than means testing, and I suspect it would have a lower net cost.

  x123 16:34 22 Apr 2017

john bunyan

That still means the Exchequer has to pay out £200 to all pensioners and it will recoup £40 from those paying basic tax and only £80 from those on high rate tax band.

I did have the stats on those on a basic pension but can't find it at the moment.

  john bunyan 17:02 22 Apr 2017


Yes but as final salary schemes fade away, many rely on the OAP as an important part of their income, and the UK OAP is among the lowest in Europe. Many state and private pensions build in an expectation of the retiree receiving a basic OAP - at the moment many poorer pensioners get pension credit, housing and rates benefits not available to those with even modest private pensions who have been prudent or lucky enough to pay in to such schemes.

  morddwyd 18:10 22 Apr 2017

"Even the generous £200 fuel payment should only be paid to less fortunate pensioners."

Ah, that well known Tory sand-by, means testing!

  john bunyan 19:48 22 Apr 2017


  john bunyan 19:49 22 Apr 2017

That was a test - difficulty in logging in

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