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Trident vote in the Commons today.

  Quickbeam 07:12 18 Jul 2016

Whilst I agree we should retain it, I think that under the present economic Brexit uncertainty, we should postpone it for a decade to take a great funding elephant out of our immediate line of sight.


  Forum Editor 07:24 18 Jul 2016

"we should postpone it for a decade"

Thereby vastly increasing the eventual cost.

  Quickbeam 07:46 18 Jul 2016

Do we really need this huge cost right now?

Yes it'll cost more then, so do cars and houses. But you wouldn't upgrade your car when you know your income is going to be squeezed tightly.

There is also the argument that new technology might make manned submarines obsolete by the time it's delivered.

  Ungus 08:54 18 Jul 2016

I think their is no need for a vote as the government has a majority. This is more about exposing Labours difficulty on this issue. The SNP will vote against it but all that does is expose the widening gap between Westminster and Holyrood so there is nothing knew here just party politics on an issue that will pass so the conservatives can say we had a debate and this is British democracy at work.

  Govan1x 09:12 18 Jul 2016

I would agree. Now is not the right time it should be delayed.

We have a bunch of labour Mp's going to vote on this and they cannot even vote who their leader is going to be. Can we actually trust them to vote properly.

Also on the news last night it was announced that Scotland may hold a new referendum as early as next year.

Maybe they know something that we don't.

The way I see it if they go ahead with it Scotland has already said they don't want it and if they do have a referendum next year and succeed where are they going to put it.

Now as I understand it this vote is just for replacing the Submarines that use trident and not sure if it also includes the new version of trident.

A delay of 2-5 years before voting maybe the best idea but will the submarines that we have just now last that long.

Is this actual vote to renew trident or just the submarines. It makes a difference.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:22 18 Jul 2016

Who is Trident going to defend us from? Putin knows he would come under attack from NATO and I don't think he is that stupid. If Kim Jong-Un or any other nutters/terrorists think about launching a nuclear attack on the West, does anybody seriously believe they will stop to think about the possibility of a nuclear counter-attack and decide not to go ahead?

  john bunyan 12:00 18 Jul 2016

This has been debated before. Either we have a strategic nuclear deterrent or we don't. I think it kept the nuclear peace by purely being there over many years. The cost of replacing the 4 submarines should be seen as being spread over many years and , per year, is a small part of the overall defence budget. We and France provide the European NATO nuclear deterrent - why should the USA be expected to do so? Who can forecast the threat in 20 years time - N Korea, Russia, maybe China , Pakistan and others may emerge.

Those who are anti will never see that Trident is what it says on the tin - a deterrent, and will never accept it. Like many issues here there is little chance of either side agreeing!

  john bunyan 12:31 18 Jul 2016

PS I do think a contingency plan is needed if Scotland becomes independent. Either declare the Clyde Sub base as rUK Sovereign Territory , as was done with Akrotiri inn Cyprus as part of an Indy bargain, lease it or rent it at ,say £5 bn a year, or ,at worst, mover it. The latter would be difficult and would take years, particularly for the Coulport weapons store.

  john bunyan 12:32 18 Jul 2016

Sorry for spelling! inn = in, mover = move.

  bremner 17:30 18 Jul 2016

Having been watching Corbyn and i wonder if any leader has been subject to such contempt in parliament by their own party MP's

  Govan1x 18:36 18 Jul 2016


Have to agree they were like a bunch of spoiled kids. And those are the ones that we elected and are about to vote whether we should have nuclear weapons or not. Heaven help us.

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