A Tricky issue indeed..

  Autoschediastic 20:53 18 Sep 2011

Hi, I’ve just been on the phone with one of my friends who I’ve known for 35 years, He is a school teacher at a mixed secondary, He teaches all three Sciences and he was telling me there is a situation that is getting very tense in the school of a 12 year old girl who is from Egypt, she moved to the uk just weeks ago & her parents who have demanded that she MUST sit only with other girls,

Where it has become tense is that the fact that all the classes are mixed and that the parents of the girl have now started to dictate to the teachers and the Head how much space/distance they should be between their child and the boys when sat in the class? This is becoming a very large issue in the school and it has the potential to be much larger due to the amount of other Muslims getting on board, I can see this getting out of hand...

  Aitchbee 21:10 18 Sep 2011

While I was downtown today (south-side Glasgow), I noticed a lot of non-Scotish...if I can put it that way, without offending anyone who do not fit into that description, people marching along the road.Most of the 'regulars' were watching Celtic v Rangers.I wish I had my camera to hand.I only had a pint glass...to hand.O me miserum.

  Aitchbee 21:23 18 Sep 2011

I don't know what they were marching about?

  woodchip 21:38 18 Sep 2011

When it comes to that, if in Rome Do as the Romans do, they should either take on board British values on this or take her out of school teach her them selves or move back to Egypt.

PS this as nothing to do with Race or Religion, and they would have a hard time trying to get Euro Court of Justice to side with them

  Aitchbee 21:45 18 Sep 2011

I do not have any children going to school, or at all. But I could see my vehemence going off the 'Angry Scale' (richter scale) if this issue, was an'issue'.But I would try to resolve it.

  Forum Editor 22:51 18 Sep 2011


"I noticed a lot of non-Scotish...if I can put it that way, without offending anyone who do not fit into that description, people marching along the road."

How do you know they were 'non-Scottish'?

  spuds 23:02 18 Sep 2011

Surely the parent's request is a matter for the education department and committee of the local council,and not the school, if the school is state registered?.

  Forum Editor 23:08 18 Sep 2011


In fact, it's a matter for the head teacher in the first instance.

  Flak999 23:41 18 Sep 2011

This is only as difficult as the teaching staff choose to make it. The parents of the child in question should be told in no uncertain terms that they are now living in the UK. In this country we do not segregate pupils according to gender race or religion.

They should be advised that if they are unable to follow the customs which apply to life in this country they should remove their child from the school and themselves from the country!

  Strawballs 00:17 19 Sep 2011

These parents should be told that they are being sexist and there are laws against that in this country

  spuds 00:24 19 Sep 2011

" In fact, its a matter for the head teacher in the first instance"

That it may well be, but what happens after that. The head teacher and no doubt the board of governors would be involved, also the local education department or committee would be overseeing the events on any decision making?.

In my area, the local city and county councils are well able to deal with situations like this, especially when it comes to allocating spaces in schools for special needs or requirements.

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