Tribute to the British sense of humour!

  rickf 16:51 03 Sep 2014

Tony Blair has won the GQ's Philanthropist Award of the Year. Bill gates threatened to buy the Mag, sack everyone and close it down. Google it as I have lost the thread. Gives philanthropist a bad name. Honestly, what next?

  lotvic 17:13 03 Sep 2014

You may have lost the thread, but GQ have seemingly lost the plot.

  rickf 23:13 03 Sep 2014

I fear some posts have been removed by the powers that be. 2 have gone walkies or led for a walk.

  lotvic 23:21 03 Sep 2014

rickf, 'twas a 'naughty' word used that evoked the silver mouse ;) HB is sat in corner with pointy hat on.

  BillSers 08:27 04 Sep 2014

I think, as Middle East Peace Envoy, Blaire should be sent over to have a chat with IS by himself.

  rickf 11:51 04 Sep 2014

Gary Liniker tweeted " GQ has at last grasped the meaning of irony" Good one.

  lotvic 11:53 04 Sep 2014

There are mutterings that Tony Blair must stand down as Middle East peace envoy, but I think BillSers suggestion is a good one.

  rickf 16:28 04 Sep 2014

I second that. Warmonger dressed as peace envoy. Those apponted him need their heads examined. Son of Thatcher who sold working class values down the road of privatisation.

  BillSers 10:46 24 Sep 2014

The humour continues. Blair was given fairly extensive BBC coverage yesterday on his views to send in ground troops.

  rickf 12:34 24 Sep 2014

And he was pilloried by Preston recounting his personal conversation with the idiot. Was frankly told that he had not learned any lessons at all and perhaps he should be dressed in a white robe with a red cross emblazoned on his chest charging into the fray on his steed.

  QuizMan 21:13 25 Sep 2014

eBay. Note the person that listed it. A spoof, methinks!

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