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  wiz-king 16:10 22 Apr 2011

TV reception has always been a challenge down here in the valley where I live, although just 8 miles from the main transmitter at Crystal Palace there is a small matter of a lump of tree covered chalk almost vertically sided about 350 ft high that gets in the way. We have a TV relay at Kenley that fills in the gaps on analogue TV but with the impending digital change over I have been trying to get digital from the main TX. By the proliferation of aerials on poles sprouting from the roof tops and chimneys others in the valley are doing the same. So I have taken the plunge and replaced the two TV's in the house with a couple of LG models a 22” and a 26” fed from an aerial about 10ft above the roof with a masthead pre-amp. This provides enough signal for one TV but wont feed both, so out to get a powered diplexer, better but now signal is too strong! Had to put a 10db attenuator between the preamp output and the diplexer as the signal quality went down due to overloaded diplexer. Now it all works – just the odd picture drop-out from unsuppressed motorbikes going past. Now I am ready for the switch-over to the Kenley transmitter in April next year when all my problems should be solved and I can use my other aerial again and fit a multiplexer so I can have both aerials feeding digital TV. Now to start on the camper van .. where can I find a 12V digibox? I know I will ask my long suffering (but getting rich) supplier of bits SatCure

  rdave13 18:10 22 Apr 2011


Any good?

  Strawballs 20:26 22 Apr 2011

When they switch off the analogue they will be boosting the digital signal

  birdface 20:36 22 Apr 2011

[impending digital change over] If your area has not already changed to digital I would not worry to much about the signal. I get very good digital pictures just using one of those tiny loop aerials you used to get on portable TV's and I am as far away from the main transmitter that you can get.

  woodchip 23:41 22 Apr 2011

Comag do a 12 24 volts one also works on mains. Not a digi Box its a Sat box that comes in a case with the Dish in the lid that you can plonk on the car roof

link text

  lotvic 01:28 23 Apr 2011

I have just got a Sat Dish to use with freesat, and will also dig out my old sky box (from previous house) and use sky's free channels as got a quad thingy on it so have a spare lead. Also have freeview from aerial as tv got built in freeview.

Beginning to wonder how I'll have time to do anything else but watch tv....

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