PalaeoBill 14:38 27 Mar 2010

Teachers call police when a passing mum goes onto school premises to help a 5 year old boy down from a tree. She later gets a visit from the police "to explain she had been trespassing".

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This story was brought to my attention by hssutton who pointed it out as an aside to his thread on a hoax shooting in a school.
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My point is why did the lady get a visit from the police about trespass? It is a civil issue not a criminal one and as such it is near impossible to get the police to intervene. What I do take issue with is the schools policy on leaving the boy up in the tree. However carefully thought out the school claim the policy is, it pangs of neglect to me and that is a criminal issue. They have a duty of care to the child. Observing from a distance and waiting for him to either get down himself or fall out of the tree doesn't seem like a good policy to me.

  PalaeoBill 14:39 27 Mar 2010

Opps, very sorry FE I thought I was in Speaker's Corner.

  karmgord 17:57 29 Mar 2010

The forum police will be around to see you later about trespassing in the wrong forum!
:- )

  PalaeoBill 19:17 29 Mar 2010

Yes, I sent a sorry to the FE and asked him to m ove it.
But worse, it seems the truth of the story printed in the newspaper is in some doubt now. I believed what I read in the paper, got outraged by it and I now it appears I may well have gone off half cocked.
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  karmgord 19:56 29 Mar 2010

If it was in the Sun then it must be true...........

  spuds 13:36 30 Mar 2010

Bit like some of the employees of emergency services who are prepared to watch people drown, within their employers 'health and safety' procedures.

Swear (supposedly)at a teacher, and the full weight of authority appears. Yet act as a Samaritan or otherwise, and old world sense flies out of realism.

  PalaeoBill 14:50 30 Mar 2010

spuds is just saying exactly the kind of thing that led me to make the post in the first place. The message still holds true and I agree with his sentiments, its just in this case, for once, the story doesn't.
I consider my wrists slapped and I must try harder next time. I will look for the other side of the story before jerking knees.

  spuds 16:07 30 Mar 2010

" and only partly true", appears to sum up things nicely. If all of us were to walk the straight line,as you always seem to attempt to do, then it would be a very unorthodox world we all lived in.

  spuds 17:47 30 Mar 2010

Perhaps in answer: I actually read the story or article in the Daily Express and Sun, when the story first went to press.

I do not always take media articles or other published statements as gospel, but I do, like anyone else I suppose, form an opinion as to what is right or wrong, something at times which you may seem to object to, and perhaps try to make a fuss about ;o))

  PalaeoBill 19:33 30 Mar 2010

Just as spuds did, I took the newspaper story at face value and it did pass my 'is that likely' filter. Not because my attitude is a reflection of other such flawed stories that make it into press, but from personal experience of an endless sequence of seemingly illogical and stupid 'elf and safety directives at work. I have also had first hand experience of utterly unjust dealings with authority, particularly to do with political correctness. I teach both children and adults and that involves much hoop jumping these days.

The head teacher did not see the incident nor did the mother of the boy. The facts as the head teacher puts them are that one of the teaching assistants (not named) intercepted the would be rescuer (Kim Barrett) as she approached the boy. She was then taken to see one of the teachers, a Mr Hester who presumably dealt with the incident.

She may be a loon she may not. I don't know how critical she thought the situation might have been as I didn't see what she did when she was walking past the school. The teaching assistant couldn't have either, things look different from different view points. Imagine your walking along a pavement and see a young child standing/sitting on a the branch of a tree on the other side of a wall to you. You can't see the foot of the tree, there is a wall in the way and you can't see any adults around. It looks like the child is stuck. What would you do? The newspapers took Ms Barrett's side of the story and appear to have ignored the schools side.

The bit of this story that really got to me though was the police dealing with it as trespass. I can't even get the police to come out to see a vandalised car (which is criminal damage), I just get a crime number. How come they can go to a trespass case which is not criminal.

I can't speak for suds but I still feel indignant. I have a healthy skepticism but the fact that I was prepared to believe this, that it was believable an could easily have been true says a lot about the state of the country

  morddwyd 19:44 30 Mar 2010

"We're assailed by nonsense stories about 'elf 'n' safety"

They're not all "nonsense stories".

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RIP Alison.

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