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A treasure trove of historical radio

  dagbladet 12:31 29 Nov 2018

I've just stumbled across 'radio echoes' which contains a huge range of radio broadcasts from the past. It's broken down into genre and done of the historical stuff is absolutely fascinating.

click here

  Peter~24 15:21 01 Dec 2018

Not wanting to detract from dagbladet very interesting link, those of us who have access to a DAB radio should be able to access BBC Radio 4 Extra (previously know as BBC Radio 7). Monday to Friday at 08:00, 12:00 & 19:00 there is a Comedy Hour featuring the likes of Dads' Army, Hancock's Half Hour, Yes Minister, The Navy Lark, Parsley Sidings, The Men from the Ministry, etc. etc. Worth a try to see if these programmes bring back some memories, don't you think?

This Sunday evening at 18:00 there is even a radio version of the late sixties (I think) Prisoner TV Series.


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