Travel visa requirement for Sri Lanka soon

  TopCat® 18:17 10 Oct 2011

To be called an ETA - Electronic Travel Authorisation - this visa will be required from 1st of January 2012 and will be available online at a new website. Non-nationals will pay a processing fee of $50 (£32) for tourists, $60 for business travellers or $25 for transit passengers. Only those from Singapore or The Maldives will be exempt. Report here

I could be wrong on this, but I feel other popular destinations, especially those catering for tourists, will be watching this move with considerable interest. TC.

  lotvic 18:33 10 Oct 2011

USA has had ESTA's for past few years. They used to be free but now require a fee.

  sunnystaines 21:04 10 Oct 2011

went some where once think it was in west indies tourists had to pay a tax to leave the island [might have been grenada].

  Forum Editor 22:42 10 Oct 2011

As lotvic has said, America has the online ESTA system for quite a while - since 2008 in fact.

  TopCat® 23:38 10 Oct 2011

I first encountered a 'tourist tax' when leaving the airport at Cancun, Mexico, a few years ago now. It was for $30 USD per person and was said to be helping towards the cost of their new arrivals and departures building. Just checked online and see that the tax is still payable before departure and has risen to $48 USD.

Come to think of it, our Newquay Airport which is owned by the Cornwall Council, has for a few years now demanded a £5 'tax' per passenger. Ryan Air protested strongly at its introduction to no avail, so the airline eventually pulled out of Cornwall completely. TC.

  Condom 23:56 10 Oct 2011

Many countries around the world have airport taxes of differing types. The leaving taxes are the ones which often catch people out especially if you have spent all your local currency in the duty free.

The first time I went to Thailand I got clobbered for 500 baht (About £10) just as I was entering the passenger gate. They later moved it to paying at check in because of many complaints and recently scrapped it completely by adding it to the aircraft landing fee which was then probably added on to the fare.

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