morddwyd 13:21 12 Jan 2010

I am, that is.

I've just updated my BIOS for the first time ever (successfully I might add) and when you are of the DOS generation and tweaking the BIOS was good way of making an expensive paperweight I don't care how foolproof it is - I was nervous!

  Legolas 13:45 12 Jan 2010

I well remember the first time I 'flashed' my BIOS I was a nervous wreck after reading of all the things that could go wrong and the high likelyhood of a wrecked computer. As it was it went ok. I have not updated a BIOS for years, never had the need to, I'm not sure I could stand the tension now ;))

  jack 14:41 12 Jan 2010

The desire to update and keep all the newest tweaks current but, I have to say not all work with all systems- FireFox- for example the 3 series and my computer are not happy to gtether,-
But a BIOS- why would I/You want to?
So long as the machine works this Basic In/Out Operating System and gets you to Windoze thats it isn't it?
Job done'
So convince me.

  morddwyd 14:41 12 Jan 2010

Manufacturer's recommendation to optimise Win 7.

  Chegs ®™ 17:38 12 Jan 2010

I wrecked my PC the first time I tried to update the BIOS,bought a little "piggyback" board that allowed me to rescue the PC and spent several months messing with various BIOS,safe in the knowledge I could revert back using the "piggyback" device.Since then,I have only ever used the motherboards own BIOS utility on any subsequent PC's and cannot recall exactly when I stopped updating the BIOS as the PC hasn't needed anything changed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:31 12 Jan 2010

First BIOS flash I lost the motherboard, ended up spending over £200 on new mobo, cpu, memory.

Finally got the old board to work again two years later, by the of course it was woefully out of date.

  Colin 20:38 12 Jan 2010

I first flashed a BIOS by floppy disk on a TINY PC in 1999. I borked the motherboard and rang TINY's support number and just said the PC won't boot. They sent an engineer round who looked at it and returned the next day with a new motherboard - no charge! I've flashed BIOS's many times since with no problems. Now that you can do it online through the motherboard’s manufacturer’s software facility, it is easy. I always like to have the latest drivers, firmware, BIOS’s etc and always update them whether I need to or not!

  wolfie3000 05:16 13 Jan 2010

Iv only flashed 2 bioses, one on my current pc, which worked out fine and flashed another on my Belkin N52TE and after i flashed it i reloaded windows only to see the Belkin not work at all,

Fear set in as none of the lights came on, then i thought well if its screwed i might as well try to flash it again, this time it worked perfectly.

Its worked ever since then.

  jack 08:45 13 Jan 2010

BIOS- leave as it is - so long as it gets the PC to run with is O/S- thats it, job done
What more could it do?

  crosstrainer 10:20 13 Jan 2010

Have done thousands, only killed a couple in the old days. If you follow the instructions, it's unlikely to be a problem. Many of the new top end boards come with dual BIOS chips, so you can really play :))

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