Trapped over a mile underground

  Forum Editor 23:19 03 Oct 2007

sounds like a living nightmare to me

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  spuds 23:59 03 Oct 2007

It can be a bad enough experience trapped in a cave system in the Brecon Beacons, Peak District, Yorkshire Dales or any other underground system around the world. But for those guys its an whole different scenario. The longer they are underground, the worse it will effect them, including thoughts of the final outcome.

  [email protected] 00:03 04 Oct 2007

i wondered what the guys in the submarine (kirsk?) must have gone through when that went down and they were left to die, no light or air must be horrible. oh here it is click here

  Forum Editor 00:05 04 Oct 2007

Yes, 3000 men is a big crowd, and there's been "a fall of ground", which doesn't sound good.

  laurie53 09:59 04 Oct 2007

Latest is they're bringing them out through a supplementary shaft, 75 at a time.

  [email protected] 11:58 04 Oct 2007

This sounds like a problem at the shaft after 35 years underground some years ago now Problems do occur in shafts and SA mines are often deep some 1000m similar to the last pit in Uk I worked at.
Changing the ropes which lift the cages takes time as a comparison and anyone below during that phase has to lump it or stay surface during that time It has never been abnormal for falls of ground to occur which is why shift by shift inspections have to built into the system of mining Shaft inspections normally occur on a daily basis and the shaftsmen are dedicated people who work on a piece of belt to do their repair work hanging off the side of a cage on a movable board Quite often dressing the side walls of the shaft
This incident is a one off and the comradeship between miners will have kept their spirits up while being patient for their turn to go home up the shaft

  oresome 14:04 04 Oct 2007

In some ways it was sad to see the reduction of the UK coal mining industry.

But it is a dirty dangerous job that has claimed many lives. We pay a high human price to exploit some of the world's resources.

Let's hope there's a happy outcome for all in this incident.

  TopCat® 19:14 04 Oct 2007

Around three more hours will see them all up, thank goodness. TC. click here

  TopCat® 22:04 04 Oct 2007

All 3,200 miners are safe now. TC. click here

  Forum Editor 22:33 04 Oct 2007

to something that could have been far worse.

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