Trampoline Building Farce

  Admiral Allstar 21:32 11 Jul 2011


I am normally good at these things, but this time I completely messed up.

The trampoline has joints which have one end compressed and inserted into a leg strut. The other end encloses the round frame sections. I have attached the joint into the leg struts but need to remove them to attach the round frame.

Does anyone have any ideas how to remove the joints?

To add to my farce I did try one method of inserting a metal tube into one of the leg struts to (hopefully) push the joint out. However this is jammed.


  Quickbeam 21:42 11 Jul 2011

Use a pair of strap wrenches. In the absence of a pair of those (that's quite normal), use some rope/cord on each part like a tourniquet, using a spanner or screwdriver as a T bar and this will give a firm grip on each tube as you pull and twist to separate, without crushing or distorting the tubing.

  lotvic 21:49 11 Jul 2011

Squirt some WD40 in first, before you start tugging and twisting.

  morddwyd 08:24 12 Jul 2011

The ubiquitous WD 40!

Have nothing against it, but do bear in mind that it can be corrosive in the long term, and quite injurious for some types of rubber.

As a freeing agent I prefer PlusGas.

I have both, and have often found that PlusGas works when WD40 won't.

  Quickbeam 08:29 12 Jul 2011

A big hammer always works for me when all else fails!

  wiz-king 12:32 12 Jul 2011

You should have allowed a 5 year old to put it together.

  chub_tor 12:49 12 Jul 2011

The leg struts don't have little buttons that pop out into a hole after they are pushed into the tube by any chance? One of our gazebos does that and you have to push the button down to get the strut back out.

  Admiral Allstar 20:46 14 Jul 2011

Apologies for the tardiness in responding but every time I try i get the dreaded please wait.

I took up Quickbeams idea.

I only used some penetrating fluid from Wickes and sheer brute force to pll them apart. All is well now.

Thanks very much all.

  Quickbeam 23:40 14 Jul 2011

That's an essential camping recovery technique Admiral.

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