Training videos (Game related)

  wolfie3000 01:31 23 Sep 2006

With xmas coming up on us soon (i know its a dirty word in here at the moment) alot of people will buy games,
Me and a few friends are thinking of setting up a website with training videos for games,

The idea is that anyone who buys a game and isnt very good at it comes to the website and can download tutorials on weapons, tactics, driving and so on.

Also pdf,s for gaming tutorials.

So is this a good idea or is it doomed to failure?

Would you download a video showing you the best way to kill an enemy or show you the map of a game?

  [email protected] 03:03 23 Sep 2006

As an avid gamer I would be interested in such a website and yes, I would download any interesting video's etc.

Could be a success if it were done in a professional way and not in a *Mickey Mouse* fashion.

Best to start with some of the most popular games such as Halo, UT, Battlefield, Medal of Honour etc.

Anyway best of luck if you decide to go ahead.

  wolfie3000 03:18 23 Sep 2006

Thanks for the support,
It would be done as professionaly as possible because it would involve alot of gamers making the site.

We have done some Halo tutorials already for new recruits to our clan teaching all about the dos and donts when playing in team battles such as no corpse humping and no smack talking,

But the videos we would make for the site
would focus more on single player games.

  roger45 09:27 23 Sep 2006

The few games that I have tried so far have,for me, been almost impossible to progress without the use of
walkthroughs obtained from the web-but there already appear to be plenty available.
One good site I have used is Gamefaqs.
How would your site differ from all these?
I think that downloading a video tutorial would
spoil a lot of the "fun" so to speak,that`s just my
personall opinion.

  Haol 13:58 23 Sep 2006

I would be excited if you did this. I think you should start on the GTA series.

  wolfie3000 20:07 23 Sep 2006

Thanks all for the input,
Well we will setup the site and see how it goes.

The first games that we will do will be Halo, GTA vice city and fear.

If the response is good then we will probably do a few more.

We will say on the site that there maybe spoilers in the video and we will try to cut out any cut scenes and just stick to the maps,

I guess i have to complete halo again and video it :)

  wolfie3000 20:25 23 Sep 2006

ok will do but it may be a few months before the sites up,
It takes a while to complete all those games and video them as well.

  [email protected] 22:13 23 Sep 2006

What happened to all thjose pictures we e-mailed to you woolfie, did you ever make the video?

  wolfie3000 22:18 23 Sep 2006

Well the project fell through due to other commitments,

This is the problem, about 50% of the work we start never gets finished.

Its a shame really but this site will go ahead.

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