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  kindly 20:29 28 Dec 2008

Hi all. Since April this year, when I was made redundant I have been going to the jobcentre to sign on. Although I have applied for over 100 jobs in that time I have only had five replies from companies.
When I sign on I always ask about "re-training" so I can apply into other areas of work. The answer I get is "there is no funding for training, maybe in the newyear".
So where does that leave the coments of the MP for work and pensions about re training people who are long term unemployed. Is he talking a lod of preverbial or is the jobcentre.
I am 55 years old and the way the staff in the jobcentre talk about getting work makes it sound easy. It is easy if you want to work for £5 an hour. If I take a job up at that rate then I would loose my home in three or four months. At the moment the mortgage is paid on the insurance.
As my wife works more than 24 hours a week I am not entiteld to any sort of money from the dole. The bank are not sypathetic to my case. I asked for a three month payment break to see use over christmas and all I got of them was "you are a risk". So much for the load of claptrap they talk on the news.
Ok thats me twisted enough. Just like to say Happy New Year to you all.

  octal 20:45 28 Dec 2008

I'm really sorry to hear about your plight, this was me last Christmas, although at the age of 60 and no mortgage I'm somewhat luckier. I was going to retire because I now have my NHS pension, but a company picked up on my CV on one of the sites and because of my experience in the NHS they snapped me up, so I decided to carry on working for a while longer, as what they were offering interested me.

A friend of mine is in much the same position and I'm trying to help him out at the moment.

Good luck for the new year and I hope something turns up for you soon.

  kindly 20:52 28 Dec 2008

Thanks for the responce octal, When I go down to sign on in January I will ask why I need to go every week because I dont get any money from them. I spent £600 of my very small redundancy on getting my counterbalance and reachtruck forktruck licence myself on the hope that jobs would be there. As everywhere they are rarer than hens teeth around my area. Bye for noww.

  perpetual motion 21:01 28 Dec 2008


Good thread!

Is intresting to hear u say the above cause im like you at the moment ive come out of wrk & ive applied applied & better applied for work & ive had almost Zero replies from the companies, So like yourself i applied to train & spoke to the Job Centre & i got the same answer as you & im only in my 30's!!

So my advice for you is Forget the JC & get onto the Open Uni website as ive just got full funding to study computing & the cost was £800. again i aggree with you what the goverments state & whats REALLY going on is two differant things.

Good luck & all the best..

Here's the website oh btw they do loads of other stuff not just IT:

click here

  smokingbeagle 21:08 28 Dec 2008

Kindly, You say that your insurance is making payments towards your mortgage interest. A condition for receiving this insurance cover tends to be a live claim for Jobseekers' Allowance. You may lose it if you take up full-time training (even Jobcentre provision) or if you sign off. Ask to see the New Deal 50+ Adviser. There may be additional help available.

As you are over the age of 50, your wife may be entitled to claim Working Tax Credits.
Check online. click here

  tullie 21:38 28 Dec 2008

If i was out off work if i had too i would work for the minimum wage,until something came along.If you dont do anything you will have to sell the house anyway,if you have too high a mortgage.Good luck.

  Eargasm 23:08 28 Dec 2008

kindly, Good luck with the job search,next year is going to be a tough one!

tullie, I doubt that any one in the Government or the Low Pay Commission would get out of bed to work for the minimum wage, why would you ?
I know i would'nt!

  AL47 23:12 28 Dec 2008

thata the problem here, its better not to work than work for minimum wage, flawed system

  tullie 23:39 28 Dec 2008

Or flawed people

  AL47 00:26 29 Dec 2008

yep, a mix of both is a bad thing

i, 23, havent been properly working long, altho ive had a job on and off since i was 13, most have been near or at minimum wage, but its in me that

debt is bad,
shouldnt scrounge [if you dont have to]

i recently went through a short 4 month period where i moved in with some uni mates, didnt manage to get a job, [i had had one before i moved but left, grass was greener and all that]

something came up back where i had lived that i eventually got, but whilst waiting for this to be confirmed i went back to a minimum wage pay bracket where i had worked during upper school holidays cause i didnt have anything else to go for!

it wasnt fun, it wasnt inspiring,[infact it was 'very uncomfortable' forum rules stop me fully describing it] but it was money and i wasnt scrounging,

i did get the job i applied for [luckily it was just before the economy and the job is safe]

but turning ones nose up at paid work, well, i have no time for it!

this post is to those that wont do a job because it is 'beneath them' or however the pc term is for that

i do like a good rant sometimes!! :)

  Chegs ®™ 00:37 29 Dec 2008

A friend of mine was made redundant and the JC told him pretty much the same thing.He used agencies (online mostly) to secure work within days of joining the agencies and at basic wage.Within weeks,he found a permanent position with simply being "onsite" when the vacancy was posted internally.He was earning enough to resume paying the mortgage on his home,which he had told me he was expecting to lose.

Try agency work,and good luck.

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