Train spotting the extreme way

  Strawballs 22:01 14 May 2010

I did not realise train spotting could be so dangerous

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:04 14 May 2010

Should have been stood behind the yellow line.

  Strawballs 22:10 14 May 2010

There was a few of them being stupid. It is the train driver I feel sorry for.

  Brumas 23:13 14 May 2010

I cannot understand why the other folk present did not warn him??

  Strawballs 23:17 14 May 2010

It was all a bit bizar

  spuds 23:25 14 May 2010

Suicides and accidents are a daily occurrence on the Indian Railways, if the recent televised documentary was anything to go by. One particular driver who had 30 years service, said that he had been involved in many deaths, and took it as a part of the job. Even the removal of the body was done in a matter of fact way.

In the link, it proves how a moments lapse of thought can result in something near or serious.

  Strawballs 23:29 14 May 2010

As Brumas pointed out why did the person filming him not point out the train coming the other way

  morddwyd 08:14 15 May 2010

"why did the person filming him not point out the train coming the other way"

What, and miss the chance of £250 from "You've Been Framed"?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:47 15 May 2010

It heartens me to see that the Darwinian concept of natural selection is proven.


  Brumas 09:11 15 May 2010

You old cynic! ;o)

  spuds 09:22 15 May 2010

I think that the other person doing the filming, may have had more that £250 to contend with, if the train had hit the other guy!.

But I must ask myself, was the other person filming the person in question, or waiting for a train to appear on the other line. There's anoraks for you?.

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