Trailer for the film they made - One Chance

  pavvi 00:14 04 Sep 2013

Is it just me that this website hates? It took 7 attempts to post the thread about my driving, and 13 attempts (so far) to post this.

The Daily Mail has been given the first run of the trailer of the movie that Weinstein Co have been crazy enough to make about me. I have watched one of the edits of the movie, and the director, David Frankel has done an incredible job as have the actors/actresses.

click here

  lotvic 00:36 04 Sep 2013

That's one great trailer :) and he's wearing that suit... still makes me grin.

I'm really looking forward to watching the film, especially now I've seen the trailer - it's a winner.

  lotvic 00:38 04 Sep 2013

and no, it's not just you with the posting delays, my above post took it's time appearing.

  Brumas 09:18 04 Sep 2013

pavvi the trailer looks promising but, to be quite honest, I thought you was better looking than that ;o}}

  exdragon 09:20 04 Sep 2013

Perhaps we should arrange a PCA 'Groupie' meeting! You coming to the Bristol Vue showing, Paul?

  PeterP.. 16:21 04 Sep 2013

Thanks pavvi, not been to the flicks for yonks )

You can tell by the lingo ;-

We, missus and me, shall endevour to watch it, if we can.

and no;

the website hates all of us. lol

  Joseph Kerr 16:07 05 Sep 2013

How much of it will be accurate? Who handles the singing, which is conspicuously absent from the trailer?

But I hope you do well out of it; it's your story, not Cowell's or Corden's.

  pavvi 12:46 06 Sep 2013

The essence of the movie is correct. Certain things have been changed and the timelines are different which will be clarified by my autobiography (or memoir as the publisher will call it). My book is over 250 pages long, the screenplay is much shorter and things always have to be summarised to work in a film. I'm comfortable with it and I specifically asked that it was a comedy that didn't take itself too seriously which is what Justin Zackham the screenplay writer (who also wrote The Bucket List) has provided.

All the adult singing is mine. It was strange watching James' mouth open and shut and have my voice coming out. Am off to Toronto on Sunday to attend the worldwide premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

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