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Trade wars,protectionism and the 1930's

  daz60 22:35 02 Jun 2018

Does anyone here think that there are similarities between events of today and those which eventually led to war.We have a volatile political situation within a global context,national polities divided,indeed seemingly at war with themselves, allied with serious economic difficulties now made 'worse' by Trumps decision to ignite a "trade war" with protectionist tariff's and indeed doing what Hitler did for Germany,made the country "great" again in similiar fashion.

The Middle East ,whilst always ,it seems,at war now more inflamed and Russia rampant (?) with social problems increasing are we faced with a serious breach or is this just a passing episode of socio-economic and political strife which the world will passover.

  Quickbeam 07:08 03 Jun 2018

No, post WW1 Europe consisted of many broken monarchies and bankrupted countries that went to the extremes of either fascism or communism. We're nowhere in that situation.

But we do have to ask ourselves do we still actually believe that we'll be getting any trade deals with the direction that Trump is taking the USA in anytime soon. He's proving to be popular enough in the USA to seriously believe that he'll get a second term. And that totally has screwed T-May's trading plans.

  morddwyd 09:21 03 Jun 2018

No, absolutely not.

If you are going to look back nearly 100 years why not 200?

As well draw parallels with the Norman Conquest.

  Cymro. 11:21 03 Jun 2018

daz60 is this just a passing episode of socio-economic and political strife which the world will passover.

You end your post with the above and yes you're right it will pass over. It is a beautiful sunny day here and so much too nice to worry about such things.

  Forum Editor 08:56 04 Jun 2018

Clouds come, and clouds pass - life will go on.

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