TPS does it do what it says

  [DELETED] 16:47 18 Apr 2006

I have been registered with the TPS for some time now.

Just had a call (which I answered) and it was a company touting for business. I advised the person that as I am registerd with TPS they cannot cold call me. He said, yes he knows I am registered but that doesn't mean he cannot ring me. If that is the case what is the point of registering with TPS?

  johndrew 16:58 18 Apr 2006

If you get cold calls after being with TPS for more than a month you should pass all details to them (TPS) for action as they request. They ask for a month to get the lists circulated.

If the company is not registered with TPS they can do little but if it is then there is a specific code agreed between them that should operate and enables TPS to apply penalties.

I registered some time back and have reduced cold calls to near zero; I am also ex-directory which helps with other companies not signed up with TPS.

What I really need now is a way of preventing those sellers of double glazing, electricity, gas, etc. that insist on knocking on my door at inconvenient times - like now!!!!

  [DELETED] 16:59 18 Apr 2006

If you got the name of the business then report them, they should not be riniging you.

  [DELETED] 17:21 18 Apr 2006

johndrew it's been more than a month. More like 3 months since I registered. I did take the company details and will report them.

As for the "knockers on the door" I only have two words and second one is "off"

  ened 17:24 18 Apr 2006

TPS is not all it's cracked up to be.

We are inundated with calls from abroad and the TPS can't touch them. Also these damn computers which don't connect you to an operator are untouchable because the number is always withheld.

Just recently we have been receiving cold calls from the mainland as well so I am wondering if you have to re-register after a certain period of time.

  GaT7 18:39 18 Apr 2006

ened, if those computer-generated calls are 'silent calls' register your number(s) at click here or call 0870 4443969 to register with the Silent Callguard service (this also mentioned on the TPS website click here).

pj123, may be worth checking out another organisation, which looks similar to the TPS, called Call Prevention Registry click here. If you've never heard of them (I haven't), do a little research before registering your number.

Also, make sure to tick (or leave unticked as applicable) all the opt-out boxes in forms, by mail or online, when transacting with companies, charities, entering competitions, etc.

Would be good to know how your complaint goes.

Ever since registering with TPS & Silent CallGuard service a few years ago, it's been wonderful - but as we know they aren't perfect, & some do continue to get unsolicited calls. G

  Al94 20:21 18 Apr 2006

PJ123, is there a possibility that you have done business with this particular company in the past and maybe given them permission to contact you (often a small tick box) as this could explain them saying it was OK to call you - quote from TPS FAQ 1. "If I register with TPS, will I still be able to receive calls from companies and charities who I have dealt with in the past?

Only if you have given permission for them to call you. It is worth bearing in mind before you register with that you may miss out on calls from companies and charities that you would be happy to hear from. It is important to make sure you give permission to those companies so they can continue to contact you via the telephone."

If this is not the case, they are clearly in breach and you were right to report them.

  VCR97 20:43 18 Apr 2006

TPS worked wonders for me. There is also an e-mail preference service at click here

As far as I know it is not necessary to re-register for TPS or EMPS. However, the mailing pref leaflet says that MPS requires re-registering after five years.

  [DELETED] 23:40 18 Apr 2006

Thanks for your link. Will see if it's effective - early part of this year was a nightmare with these swine...

Have been registered with TPS for a couple of years now, but these damn 'silent' calls are almost always <International> but always <number witheld>.

  [DELETED] 06:42 19 Apr 2006

"What I really need now is a way of preventing those sellers of double glazing, electricity, gas, etc. that insist on knocking on my door at inconvenient times - like now!!!!"

I have a small notice on my front door:

Nothing bought at door - including religion.

I usually stops salesmen but for those it doesn't, I ask if they are unable to read.

  [DELETED] 13:22 19 Apr 2006

It was a UK based double glazing company but has an offshore call centre, which apparently, gets around this TPS thingy.

As we already have double glazing I have never contacted or done previous business with any double glazing company.

I did report it to TPS though. Will see what happens.

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