Tory U-Turns on austerity afer 1922 committee meet

  rickf 13:40 13 Jun 2017

Given the U-Turns on austerity coming and TM suddenly found the money tree in her back garden should she not now be called Red May?

  Aitchbee 13:51 13 Jun 2017

Amber Rudd got ticked off by one of the Dimbleby brothers for plugging money trees in a debate on the radio. Mrs May recently said that naughtily running through a field of wheat when she was much younger, was her only misdemeanor!

  rickf 14:12 13 Jun 2017

So Tory's money tree would not bankrupt the country but the opposition's will because it has a very special magic portion in it. How hypocritical this lot is?

  Aitchbee 14:30 13 Jun 2017

I agree, rickf.

  john bunyan 15:32 13 Jun 2017

I am not a party member and live in a Tory stronghold. I have written to my MP pointing out that their manifesto was the worst ever seen, upsetting grannies and the young and giving details of my dislikes. I await the reply with interest. There is no doubt that the country is fed up with relying on austerity to reduce the deficit, but will they have the b*s to raise taxes to spend on education, NHS etc - in my view we all have to face higher taxation and the better off even more so.

  Govan1x 17:10 13 Jun 2017

Well done JB I have to agree 100% with you ,It was shocking way of trying to win an election.

Just one mistake after another Tory supporters must have been demented by the amount of mistakes the PM actually made.

  Al94 20:26 13 Jun 2017

And the biggest mistake was meeting the DUP

  john bunyan 20:51 13 Jun 2017

Why do the Lib Dems not play- they did the time before last?

  x123 21:24 13 Jun 2017

I think they got their fingers burnt. Just look at the meteoric rise of Nick Clegg.

Ain't he done well.

  Forum Editor 17:26 14 Jun 2017

"Tory supporters must have been demented by the amount of mistakes the PM actually made."

And yet the Conservatives still managed to get a bigger share (just) of the popular vote than any other party. Presumably from people who preferred their manifesto to the others.

  Govan1x 17:42 14 Jun 2017

[Tory supporters must have been demented by the amount of mistakes the PM actually made."]

This is of course true but they would have won with an even bigger majority without the help of the PM.

They were worse off after the election than before the election. So you are saying she did well.

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