Tory Brexiteers destroying their party, 48 letters

  rickf 21:13 10 Jul 2018

They are hell-bent on destroying themselves. Just in 48 signed letters to 22 committee now received. TM may now face vote of no confidence. Also BJ caught lying in his resignation letter. The man has no morals at all. I am not a Tory supporter but on this occasion when the country is such a shambolic state, these plotters are awful awful people. A small part of me, admittedly a rather small part, actually feels sorry for her. She is just caught between a rock and a very hard place.

  rickf 21:25 10 Jul 2018

Warning alert of my post above re 48 signed letters. Could be fake news. Was on FB.

  john bunyan 21:53 10 Jul 2018
  Aitchbee 22:00 10 Jul 2018

I would take the opposite stance and say that it is the Tory Remoaners who are steadfast in their denial that the clear majority of Britain's voters want us to leave the EU and are forcing Mrs May to obliterate her RED LINES causing her to look like a very weak party leader.

  Quickbeam 22:02 10 Jul 2018

Shame on you for acting on Blabbook rumours!

  Old Deuteronomy 22:17 10 Jul 2018

Shame on you for acting on Blabbook rumours!

Well said.

  Aitchbee 22:30 10 Jul 2018

Old Deuteronomy, strange but true, a horse called Well Said was a 50/1 winner at Worcester yesterday ... you might be a topnotch tipster and don't even know it ;o]

  Quickbeam 06:57 11 Jul 2018


Just to make some ripples on a post that's going nowhere, a clear majority is very subjective in the case of Brexit. A fully convincing majority would be in the region of 70/30, a good majority would be 60/40. Those would no doubt have seen a relatively united nation on Brexit.

But 52/48 is as marginally by a whisker as a national win can be. 52/48 is the reason for the non-unity and 52/48 is the reason why a great compromise must be reached. Had voting day been 24 hours earlier or later any one single lie/tall story hitting the press by either campaign would have seen such a marginal statistic move to the opposite marginal 'clear win'. Giving the same divided national angst over the narrowness of the opposite 'clear majority'.

While strictly 52/48 is a clear win, it's also an unconvincing woolly win for such an important referendum. 52/48 is a result that has to be taken lightly because the other marginally almost 50% of the population is a very powerful force to contend with should the promised jam tomorrow not appear within 5 years.

And believe me, after 10+ years of negative wage growth, I don't think the country will wait more than 5 years for their jam!

In 5 years there will be a new generation of voters that will not have the 40 years worth of prejudiced negative pub talk to influence their opinion of the EU. If Brexit isn't delivering within 5 years, they will look across the channel to see a higher standard of living that they had experience of as children on holidays, and seek to regain the same halcyon days that today's older Brexiteer seeks now.

Make no mistake, a cliff edge Brexit will be the hard Brexiteer's worst nightmare as that's the Brexit that can see the next generation seek to rejoin on the terms of the day within your lifetimes. A leave now at any cost Brexit is the last thing you need if you really believe in an independent Britain, but there is a limit to how long the popular voter will wait for the promised land, they won't wait the same 40 years that Mosses did!

  rickf 08:55 11 Jul 2018

My bad re the post. As said I was taken in by the post on FB. AS soon as I could not see it reported anywhere else I realized I had been duped and posted my follow up Warning alert. That dealt with I do agree with Quickbeam's thoughts.

  LastChip 09:56 11 Jul 2018

There is a lot of truth in what you've written Quickbeam, but, the referendum resulted in the number of people voting in unprecedented numbers.

It was made very clear, the result would stand and David Cameron would see it through. We all know what happened there!

I agree with Aitchbee. We've given far too much away already and the shambles that is being presented at present, is giving away far too much up front. It maybe the offer on the table (from us) is where we would have accepted ending up, but you don't start a negotiation at the end point.

They are clueless and the one thing that David Davis got right, is that this proposal as weakened our hand considerably.

I said months ago, the EU has no intention of negotiating. They have their dogmatic approach to everything and will not move in any meaningful way. The whole thing is a waste of time and money and we should just walk away and take our chances. For me, a no deal looks increasingly palatable.

Plenty of other countries throughout the world trade with the EU without all this fuss and it's quite ridiculous we've got ourselves embroiled in this situation.

  Quickbeam 11:15 11 Jul 2018

Our problem is that it's not the EU that wants to Brexit, they don't have to offer anything. We must do all the offering as we are now discovering.

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