Toronto van attack: Calm actions of police...

  scales 21:50 24 Apr 2018

The Canadian policeman in Toronto is being criticised by some American pundits for not using 'deadly force'. Do you think they are right and that he was potentially endangering others by not shooting the driver at first opportunity? BBC Toronto van attack
I am just impressed by the Canadian Police Force.

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  Menzie 23:11 24 Apr 2018

The criminal wanted to die but didn't want to take himself so was hoping the police would do it.

By not taking him down they are able to find out what happened and to give him a sentence.

The Toronto police are also recovering from an incident in the past where an unarmed suspect was shot several times on a tram. They don't want a repeat of that unless there was absolutely no other choice.

  Quickbeam 06:09 25 Apr 2018

"...criticised by some American pundits for not using 'deadly force'."

Also known as the OK Coral solution!

  wee eddie 10:01 25 Apr 2018

Americans are Gun mad and think that they can be used to solve almost any problem.

The Canadians did well.

  rickf 11:47 25 Apr 2018

There are apparently more guns in Canada than America but less death by guns. Saya alot about the crazy Americans' obsession with guns and violence.

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