Tories propose banning plasma screens

  Seth Haniel 15:43 09 Sep 2007

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The plans will target white goods like fridges and freezers, as well as TVs, personal computers and DVD players that use too much energy or operate on stand-by

so the easy solution - never let them into power

  DrScott 16:12 09 Sep 2007

because invading Iraq was just so much more energy efficient.

Reading the report, the Tories have proposed nothing of the sort. A think tank has put forward some proposals which may or may not be put into action should the Conservatives get into power.

  Pine Man 16:21 09 Sep 2007

Exactly my thoughts as well.

What is the opposite of rose tinted glasses? ;-)

  wee eddie 17:38 09 Sep 2007

What is wrong with a proper On/Off switch.

Even the one on your PC is usually inaccessible. TVs and DVDs certainly don't need to be on Stand-by.

I think that all this domestic equipment could be shut down, totally, when it is not in use.

  al7478 18:30 09 Sep 2007

Where did my post go? Or did i forgetfully neglect to press the publish button?

  Stuartli 18:40 09 Sep 2007

There are disabled people for whom the Standby feature is a God send.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:16 09 Sep 2007

I think the opposite of rose tinted glasses might be brown tinted ones :)

BTW, do plasmas really use all that much energy? Especially compared with a crt?


  Colin 19:26 09 Sep 2007

I've just watched the report on BBC News 24. The reporter used the word "guzzling", to say that plasma screens are electricity guzzling pieces of equipment as if the alternatives are not. It's the same as gas guzzling 4x4's, as if it's only 4x4's that do that. It's an emotive word that should not be used in an article that's supposed to be stating facts not sensationalising the subject.

  jakimo 19:36 09 Sep 2007

There are already plans on the drawing board by manufacturers for a new generation,of white\brown electrical goods that will be less power consuming than current products,

  Admiral Allstar 19:36 09 Sep 2007

It always makes me laugh when people go on about so-called energy inefficient equipment (be it cars, TV's etc). Some people do not seem to realise that there are large families out there who could not fit into a small car. Also, not all 4x4's are gas guzzling. I believe the new BMW?? (or another German car) is more efficient than most "energy efficient" cars. I am no expert, but did read this in the times the other day. Wasnt really paying that much attention as I dont presently have a car.

My view though - if someone has the money to waste on an inefficient car and no vaid reason other than as a status symbol then let them waste their cash. They will soon regret it when they cant afford other items in life.

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