Tories Maths Head.

  newman35 09:14 03 Feb 2009

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What a role model to head up maths teaching and visit loads of schools!
Will she be using the opportunity to promote her beloved consolidation loans?
Maybe she could tackle the obesity problem at the same time and 'detox' all the little children!
Well done David C., a publicity coup, I suppose.

  newman35 09:19 03 Feb 2009

... and who says politics (of any Party) is not all 'style over substance'.

  oresome 10:22 03 Feb 2009

"She will assess teaching methods in England"

An expert in teaching methods, is she?

  newman35 10:29 03 Feb 2009

I believe she has never actually taught in schools, so that makes her a real expert!
"Give us a consonant Carol"!

  Cymro. 12:20 03 Feb 2009

Are we going to have an I hate Carol Vorderman day then are we?

  oresome 12:46 03 Feb 2009

"There is some surprise that Ms Vorderman is fronting the Tory maths review, because she took part in one the government commissioned, which reported less than a year ago, and endorsed its recommendations - which are now being implemented."

Now that's a tricky one Carol.

  natdoor 12:52 03 Feb 2009

Carol Vorderman is clearly very intelligent and the fact that she has no tertiary qualification in mathematics or teaching experience does not disqualify her from participating in a review of teaching methods. I believe that children tend to dislike numeracy/elementary maths because it involves them in a more rapid and positive way than other subjects with no continuum between right and wrong. More than other subjects, it needs dedicated and inspiring teachers who encourage pupils and are able to relate the subject to practical utility.

Incidentally, during my time at school some 90% of children left school with no qualification in maths and English, or indded in any subject at all. This has not prevented many of them from making significant achievements in their working lives. However, I do accept that in this increasingly technical and globalised world, it is necessary to improve educational attainment, not only at the secondary level but at tertiary and beyond, especially in mathematics, science and engineering.

  newman35 12:56 03 Feb 2009

No, but the fact she has spent so much time promoting ways for people to get even further into debt by consolidation loans bothers me.

  newman35 14:50 03 Feb 2009

Er, the clue was 'even further', if I might be so bold!
..and I understand, yet do not condone her promoting them. Did carver ever get your apology?

  Chegs ®™ 05:16 04 Feb 2009

I recall being given detention for using the calculator on my watch during maths yet now schools actively encourage the children to use them.Surely a return to no calculators would encourage children to use their brains instead and thus gain more knowledge?

  Forum Editor 18:01 04 Feb 2009

and an IQ of 154. She's one of those people with a natural aptitude for mathematics, she's famous, and she looks pretty good too.

All of which qualifies her admirably for the job of inspiring youngsters to become more interested in maths, I would have thought.

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