Tories look at limiting GP visits?

  spuds 18:06 26 May 2013

Feeling rather bored this Sunday afternoon, I thought that I would have a quick browse through the internet, and came up with quite a number of articles that have started circulating, regarding further possible changes or consultations on GP visits. This is one such article

If you want to find other newspaper reports about this, then use the above title heading for quick reference.

Personally I am not bothered with Tories or any other political party, my main concern is how this will effect me and many others, as a regular user of the GP visit service.

What's your views or comments. Will it effect you?.

  spuds 18:09 26 May 2013

There appears to be a problem with the link I provided, but if you use the title header in a Google browse, there should be quite a number of stories on this issue available.

  john bunyan 18:23 26 May 2013

For may first 73 years I probably saw a GP at the most once in 5 years. Due to a historic sunbathing problem, I have had 4 operations in the last year, so have seen the GP more often. To limit visits would be a total nonsense, except for the minority who go there for a cold or a sore throat or some other minor issue.

What irritates me is that if I recall my youth, my family never seemed to visit a GP - he would visit the home. Now, if you are seriously ill out of hours, there is little chance your GP practice will have a doctor you know to visit you, relying instead on contractors. No wonder A& E departments are full. GP's have had a big pay rise in recent years, but their productivity has plummeted.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 26 May 2013

GP Advice as follows for what ever ails you:-

Stop smoking

Stop drinking

Lose weight

Go home it's a virus, it'll pass in a few days

  fourm member 19:48 26 May 2013

I despair I really do. This story started in the Independent which says 'The document is buried on the website of the Conservative Policy Forum'.

I hope the Independent never goes into the funeral business because its idea of 'buried' would see coffins left above ground.

It took me less than a minute to find the link to the Word file and another 15 seconds or so to download it.

The Independent says;

'A cap on the number of times patients can visit their GP in a year is being considered by the Conservative Party, it emerged yesterday.'

The document, which takes the form of a survey with people being asked to give the usual 1 to 5 answer from 'strongly agree' to 'strongly disagree' says;

'There should be no annual limit to the number of appointments patients can book to see their GP'

The same survey has a number of other statements to be rated including;

'It is right that all NHS treatment is provided on the basis of need – including for those illnesses worsened by lifestyle choices such as alcohol intoxication and obesity'

'Open competition within the NHS is unnecessary'

'Open competition within the NHS is undesirable'

Funny that the Independent didn't headline its story 'Tories opposed to competition in NHS'.

  sunnystaines 09:44 27 May 2013

trouble is people with chronic illness need the most visits and they tend to be the most in need cash wise too

  sunnypete 10:28 27 May 2013

Reminds me of Scrooge..."reduce the surplus population"...

  Forum Editor 11:30 27 May 2013

One of the truths about life is that you don't give the NHS a second thought until you need help. Then you want quality help quickly, and for as long as required.

I can see that a government might view some form of GP visit rationing as a money-saving thing, but it only takes a few seconds thought to work out that such a system can never succeed. People who ran out of visit 'credits' would simply start turning up at A&E departments, or perhaps not visiting the GP when they should, in order to save a visit, running the risk of making something that was easily treatable into something much more serious - and more costly to the NHS.

We can all relax - it's a non-starter.

  onthelimit1 13:47 27 May 2013

I must be lucky - If I ring my surgery in the morning, I'm asked if it's urgent or not. If the former, I have always been seen the same date. If the latter, within 2 days.

  Al94 14:02 27 May 2013

Same as you onthelimit1, a call around 8.30/9.00am has always got an appointment before 11.30am same day if there is a need. A non urgent appointment with a specific GP in the practice could take 2/3 weeks though.

  bumpkin 14:41 27 May 2013

"limiting GP visits", limited to what X amount a year, X amount a month or can it be averaged over a lifetime so that if you have not been for 20yrs you can have loads of "goes". What a stupid idea, people do not go to their doctor for something to do, they go because they believe that they need medical help.

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