Topping up a nearly full tank at the pumps.

  oresome 19:52 09 May 2018

There seems to be a bit of kerfuffle regarding pre-authorising payment cards for a full tank of fuel at the moment.

I was reading a complaint from one woman who claimed she was adding £5 worth of fuel to an almost full tank.

Why would you do that? It's not even a gallon of fuel and surely not worth the time, effort or fuel used to get to the pump.


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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:51 09 May 2018

when you authorise your card at the pump the screen says take up to £99

this is the pre authorised payment for a full tank

you only gey charged for what you take.

the problem comes ifyou account is low on funds (less than £99 and /or the pre payment ocurs just as another payment occurs and you could end up in overdraft for a minute or so until your fuel transaction is completedbut the banks are supposed not to charge if this happens.

  bumpkin 22:11 09 May 2018

I can understand somebody buying £5 of fuel if they about to run out and are short of money but why top up a nearly full tank. I have only used pay at the pump once but still had to go into the shop to get the receipt so prety pointless in that instance.

  wee eddie 23:30 09 May 2018

Taxi drivers do that at the end of each shift.

As does the next driver. Every driver starts the shift with a full tank

  Menzie 00:55 10 May 2018

She might have been returning a rental. If she got it on a full tank and it dipped below that she would need to top it up or pay the rental company's inflated refuel charge.

  morddwyd 08:09 10 May 2018

She might have been about to board ferry to somewhere here fuel is more expensive.

She might have been using up a time limited fuel voucher which was about to expire.

One of her children might have been about to drive it to uni.

  geoff96 08:10 10 May 2018

Asda to scrap the £99 charge after complaints.

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  BT 09:09 10 May 2018

but still had to go into the shop to get the receipt so pretty pointless in that instance.

The pumps at my local Tesco will print a receipt if required.

Reading the article it suggests that this only happens (the £99 thing) if you use a Debit card. I use a Credit card when using Pay at the Pump and although the pump says that £99 is the largest transaction permitted it has never been taken.

Everyone is surmising why the lady was filling a nearly full tank and she has already said its so that she doesn't run out when ferrying her kids about. Seems a bit obsessive to me, after all most cars will travel well over 200 miles on a full tank.

  HondaMan 18:25 10 May 2018

Why, I wonder are there no comments on this bit of the article. "a further step is available to petrol stations which allows them to check what available funds a customer has"

I certain ly do not want a supermarket sniffing around my accounts!

  bumpkin 20:11 10 May 2018

I think that it means that you have sufficient to pay for the fuel, nothing else.

  BT 08:51 11 May 2018

"a further step is available to petrol stations which allows them to check what available funds a customer has"

Surely this is no different to when a card is declined when using the in store card machine. It checks whether you have the funds or Credit available.

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