Top drawer stuck!!

  The Mountaineer 19:19 03 Feb 2010

Uncertain if this was a Helproom topic but I've put it here as a "non-computer" topic.
I have a couple of hours before her indoors get's home from her swimming session and discovers I've got the top drawer (knives, forks etc) well and truly stuck.
I seem to have done all the usual things such as shaking the bloody thing almost apart, pushing bits of wire behind it, stuffing cardboard up it from behind (as per Googling) but nothing works.

  john bunyan 19:23 03 Feb 2010

Can you remove the next drawer down then have a careful feel under and up over the stuck one? Sounds like a wooden spoon has jammed.Good luck!!

  The Mountaineer 19:26 03 Feb 2010

All drawers now removed to allow me to poke anything and everything up it (which will happen to me if I dont get this sorted) gap is quite small/narrow hence cardboard and metal kebab sticks being tried.

  john bunyan 19:33 03 Feb 2010

You don't have a spare longish L shaped shelf bracket arywhere do you? Hope you sort it before Vlad the impaler returns!

  The Mountaineer 19:36 03 Feb 2010

Right, shelf bracket. Back in 10 mins.

  wiz-king 19:37 03 Feb 2010

Put a block of wood againt the top front of the drawer, hit wood a sharp tap with a hammer (or rolling pin), this may shake the offending object free.

  The Mountaineer 19:47 03 Feb 2010

Found a bracket but no joy.
Used a rolling pin as suggested but the drawer front is too flush with the overall unit to cause any real shake.
I think I need to start getting my excuses/retaliation ready .... "too many garlic presses dear" or "I think we need some new kitchen units dear"

  The Mountaineer 20:20 03 Feb 2010

PCA off-line here for 30 mins. Aaarrghhh!
Anybody watch Blue Peter? Any Scouts out there?

  tullie 21:00 03 Feb 2010

Are you still alive and well?

  The Mountaineer 21:00 03 Feb 2010

Ah well, too vigorous with my jiggling, pulled the front off, need to rescrew and glue it back on, but no chance within the next 5 mins.
I'm dead! Goodbye all.

  The Mountaineer 21:04 03 Feb 2010

Thanks for your most generous concern. I'm alive but not well. I have now four minutes to live, my end probably coming at the end of a very large kukri which was given to my wife by her father and which every burglar should know is kept by HER side of the bed. I believe it had taken the head off a buffalo at one time on some ceremonial occasion which could be repeated via my nether regions shortly.

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